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Interesting Shaped Centerpieces

Different size vases and centerpiece  containers
Photographer: Amarette Arnold, StlPortraitPhotography

One of the add visual interest to a centerpiece is to use something different than the traditional clear vase. For the non-crafty, keep the flowers simple so you do not have to worry about arranging them--put them into the container, fluff a bit, and you are done.

We made these three, top to bottom, with a square fuscia container from Goodwill, plus butterflies similar to these butterfly sticks; an empty wine bottle; and white bud vases of different sizes and shapes. The flowers in each are artificial bunches, which I used because (a) they do not die and (b) I can have more than one kind of flower without having to arrange them.


Here are some other ideas, along with links to a variety of sizes and choices from our partners (you won't have to leave this website to see them):

- Bud vases. There are personalized, metal, cylinders, and others.

- Apothecary jars. These were originally made to store various medicines and herbs, but are now used as display containers. Fill them with petals, flowers, sea shells, or other attractive material.  

- Interestingly shaped glassware such as brandy snifters, hurricane vases, or fluted glass.

- Mason jars.

Enjoy! ~



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