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Blooms Under Glass

Flowers under glass centerpieces
Photographer: Amarette Arnold, StlPortraitPhotography

A super easy centerpiece concept is to take any clear glass container, turn it upside down over one or more flower blooms, and top it off with a candle.

We put together three very different looks using that simple formula. We've done it with (top to bottom) mason jars, margarita glasses, and wine glasses. The first is setting upon tulle. You can use these ideas directly or mix and match materials listed below for your own unique flowers under glass centerpiece.

What You Will Need.

(a) Clear or tinted glassware

(b) Candles

(c) Real or artificial flowers (the links go to silk versions of each: pull the blooms from the stems to use)

(d) A base (optional)

Enjoy! ~

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