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Cupcake Bouquets as Centerpieces

Cupcake bouquets. Crafty versus non-crafty.

Edible centerpieces are a great way to add interest and save money; they can also serve as favors and/or dessert. To me, a cupcake bouquet is one of the more fun looking options.

This DIY centerpiece takes a bit more talent than the others. If you are non-crafty (like me) it can be done, but it will likely look better if someone more creative and experienced frosts the cupcakes or buy if you buy the cupcakes already decorated. My daughter, Amarette did the one on the right in the photo (as well as took the picture). Mine is on the left.

As we did these I picked up a couple of tips from Amarette:

Tips for the Non-Crafty Do-It-Yourselfer

1) When icing the cupcakes, be patient and go slowly so the icing is thick enough to cover the top and look like petals. Close up it's obvious I was impatient to get it over with and went fast.

2) When putting cupcakes on the toothpicks, make sure to position the cupcake so about 2/3 of it is above the toothpicks. This gives them more support. Two of my cupcakes split and fell off because because they were kind of hanging from my toothpicks instead of being supported by them.

What you will need.

How to make the bouquet.

1) Bake the cupcakes according to directions and let them cool.

2) Put the decorating tip into the bag. If using plastic bags, snip off the corner so the end of the decorating tip pokes through.

3) Fold back the ends of the bag to make a better opening, then fill the bag about 1/2 or so full with buttercream icing. Fold the ends back up. 

4) Using Stephanie's technique (she has an excellent visual on how to pipe the flower frosting), hold the bag completely upright and squeeze it like toothpaste so the frosting comes out the tip. Begin in the middle and slowly spiral outward until the cupcake is completely covered (see the photo for what happens if you do it too fast, like I did).

5) Put the iced cupcakes in the refrigerator to cool, long enough to get very firm icing.

6) Get the pot and ball ready by placing the styrofoam into your flower pot and pushing toothpicks into it to hold your cupcakes. Begin at the top with two or three toothpicks for each cupcake on or near the top of the wall. Then place more--all angled upward--for your additional side rows. Stephanie, Amarette, and I each placed ours a bit differently. (I like Amarette's best.)

7) Get the cupcakes out of the fridge and place them on the toothpicks. Here's where I went wrong (see the second non-crafter tip above). I placed some of mine more like I was hanging a picture (with the "nail" near the top). They eventually tore in half and fell off. You need to place them so the toothpicks are further down and are supporting the cupcake's weight.

8) Fill in the spaces between cupcakes with tissue paper (like Stephanie) or leaves (like Amarette and I did). I had a ring of styrofoam showing at the rim of my pot, so I took the ball out, placed leaves all around with a little tape inside, then put the ball back on. That did the trick.      

You are done!


Enjoy! ~

Photographer: Amarette Arnold, StlPortraitPhotography

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