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Mini Candy Buffet as Centerpiece

Mini Candy Buffet as Centerpiece
Photographer: Amarette Arnold, StlPortraitPhotography

Dessert stations and candy buffets are popular at weddings. Why not take it a step further and set up a mini candy bar at each table? They make beautiful centerpieces and follow the "double duty" rule of a DIY budget--they serve as favors, centerpieces, and (potentially) dessert.

To make it more interesting, I put the candies in different shape and size glasses. The one in the photo could be for a rainbow wedding, but you can easily go with a single- or two-color scheme as well.

Our partners categorize their bulk candy by color. Simply click on your wedding color below, in the supplies list, and you'll be taken to a selection from our candy vendors.

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What you will need.

Enjoy! ~

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