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Rustic Centerpieces

Rustic centerpieces with dried grass and cattails.
Photographer: Amarette Arnold, StlPortraitPhotography

Natural looking centerpieces do well for use in a rustic wedding. As it turns out, we (unexpectedly) love these the best. I kept them both together to use on my tables.

The top centerpiece is made from a tall bunch of various dried grasses with a few small flowers put into a candle lantern (sans candle) with the top off. We also put votive candles around it.

Tip #1 for the non-crafty: Buy them in bunches, already arranged, or stick to a single type.

The second centerpiece contains about a foot of length cut from the bottom of the grasses in the top photo, a cat tail arrangement, and purple flowers finished off with a piece of raffia tied around the vase (which I had to later take off because Shadow was eating it)

Tip #2 for the non-crafty: You can cheat a little on tip #1 if you remember to use an odd number of blooms. I stuck three evenly spaced around the arrangement.

What You Will Need.

a) Containers

b) Ornamental grasses

c) Votives (optional)

Enjoy! ~

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