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Tall Centerpieces

Tall Centerpiece Ideas
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Tall, slender centerpieces are not only show-stoppers, but also make it easier to talk across the table.

We put together a couple of looks to get your creative juices flowing. The first is in a 20" trumpet vase surrounded by smaller versions. The flowers inside the vases are from a white orchid garland. We put a mix of gardenias and some other white flowers into the tall vase.

The second is not really tall, but the topiary effect could translate into a taller version. It's simply a bunch of hydrangeas stuck in a narrow cylinder vase filled with diamond confetti.  

If you are crafty, you can also create a more distinctively topiary style by arranging the flowers around a foam ball, then attaching it to a dowel, bamboo or other sturdy branch. Finally, the whole thing is secured by styrofoam or plaster in a pot.

Tip for the non-crafty (including me): Keep the flower choices simple and use only one or two types to avoid crossing the line into having to arrange them. "Bunch and fluff" is usually the extent of our skills.

What you will need.

Your centerpiece can look similar to ours or you can create your own unique look by using a (a) different shaped or opaque vase, (b) different flowers (c) different material for inside the vase and/or (d) adding a base or other effect. Mix or match ideas of each below.

(a) Vase ideas.

(b) Flower ideas. Use the most popular wedding flowers, feathers, or your own favorite.

(c) Inside the vase (optional)

(d) Base or other effect (optional)

Enjoy! ~

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