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Water Centerpieces

Centerpieces containing water
Photographer: Amarette Arnold, StlPortraitPhotography

Water-filled vases or other clear containers are easy to put together and have a distinctive look. The basic premise is simple as well: fill with water and decor throughout or floating and bottom only.

Our top and center photos are of floating centerpieces. The oranges at bottom are a mason jar filled with oranges (slices on the sides and whole fruit in the center to hold them) and water. For another example, take a look at the cherries in the left jar here

 Tip for the non-crafty (including me): If you use flowers or other material to float on the top, make sure it actually floats. The silk blooms in our top picture aren't really floating...they got waterlogged pretty fast, so I had to make a pile of rocks in the center to support them. This worked as a good "plan b" for me, but wouldn't for a taller style.

What You Will Need.

(a) A container

(b) Decor for inside (top and bottom if floating).

(c) Decoration for outside

(d) A base beneath (optional).

Enjoy! ~ 

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