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DIY Mason Jar Decorations (by Bobette Kyle)


Country chic has become mainstream in some parts of the U.S. And, along with it, mason jars. They cost less than vases and can be "dressed up" or down, depending on the look you wish to achieve. Whether you prefer the elegant or more country-theme mason jars, they can add a rustic flair to any wedding. 

To help inspire your own creativity, we recently put together several easy-to-do looks that ranged from clearly country to cleanly graceful. These are centerpieces, but you can adapt them to be any type of wedding decorations (See the mason jar wedding Pinterest board here for even more ideas).

I've explained each a bit in the video at left. For more detailed pictures and supply lists, click on the images below.

Enjoy! ~

Mason jars with candles and flower.

Candles and Blooms

A  rustic take on a popular Pinterest decoration.  

Burlap roses and lace on mason jars.

Burlap Roses and Lace

Rosettes and lace give this a down home country look.

Mason jars planted with flowers for favors.

Mason Jars as Planted Favors

Decorations also serve as favors.

  Photos in mason jars for centerpieces.

Mason Jar Photos

Add family and friend photos as conversation starters.

mason jar decoration--lace and tea lights

Tulle and Lace

Lace, tulle, candles, and flower confetti add ambiance.

Mason jar flower and fruit centerpiece.

Bouquets & Orange Filled

Colorful flowers, fruit, and favors to brighten the table.

Black and white mason jar decor.

Bows and Ribbon

Fancy lace and ribbon for a more romantic look.

Fruit, burlap, or flower filled mason jars.

Country Raffia & Burlap

Raffia and burlap add farm country ambiance.

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