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The Diamond Rating Scale – Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color

DiamondWhen it comes to diamonds, size is NOT all that matters. Most of us are familiar with carat (the size of the diamond), but did you know there are three more “c’s” when it comes to rating diamond quality. Cut, clarity, and color also determine a stone’s value and how it will look on your finger. A quality cut will make light reflect back from the diamond, adding sparkle. A high clarity rating means few or no flaws. The clearer the stone’s color, the more valuable the diamond. For more on diamond quality ratings — including an alphabetical color grading scale — go to the “A Diamond’s 4 C’s” tutorial:


Sunday 2nd of March 2008

The 4 C s - Carat Weight, Clarity, Color, and Cut can be what drives the cost or what brings it down. Some people like big diamonds at a lower cost, and others like smaller high quality diamonds, at a higher cost.

I just sold a mid to lower range 3 carat (I'm a Jeweler) for $15,000. A 3 carat of high quality could bring in close to 6 figures.