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Finding Comfortable Wedding Shoes

A Truth: Endless agony of the feet is not a wedding-day requirement! I can definitely understand the need for cute bridal heels during the reception, for photos, and when making an entrance at the reception. But there are options for the rest of the day and evening. There are dozens of comfortable wedding and dress flats that will carry you through the day in both style and comfort. Some options to consider:

Finding Comfortable Wedding Shoes 1The Dessy Group has three different ballerina wedding shoes for around $30 each. They come in white (like the peep-toe at left) or several other colors, making them a perfect wedding party gift as well.


Touch Ups Shirley (Women's) - White SatinIf you would prefer a small rise in the heel, a style like the popular Touch Ups Shirley (at left) is an ideal solution. Budget tip: Buy Shirley or any other low/no heel wedding shoe at Shoebuy and get 10% off by using code SHOEBUY.


Finding Comfortable Wedding Shoes 2Tennis shoes are the ultimate in comfort and can be worn between events and at the reception by everyone in the wedding party. Decorate your own white sneakers or buy by special bridal styles. You can shop both options on the wedding tennis shoes page. By far the most amazing choice IMO, anyway) is these custom Keds bridal shoes. You can actually choose a different color or print for each shoe panel and each trim element, for a truly one-of-a-kind wedding shoe.