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Illusion Back Dresses, Checklist, and More.

Illusion Back Dresses, Checklist, and More. 1A Real Illusion Back Wedding. You’ve no doubt heard that Facebook founder Mark Zuckenberg married his long time girlfriend, Dr. Priscilla Chan, this week. But have you heard about the dress? Kim over at Wedding Wire tracked it down as a designer dress from Claire Pettibone. As you can see, the gown is right on trend with a sheer, intricate back. We “DIY-budget brides” practically faint at the $4,700 price tag, but I am sure we will soon be seeing discount designs with similar detailing.

Go here for more illusion back inspiration:

Kim’s story:

The gown at Claire Pettibone:

What to Wear at a Rehearsal Dinner? Jessica Sollaway gives us five tips for choosing a fabulous dress for the rehearsal dinner. I have one more suggestion: make it something you will wear elsewhere. One of the “rules” of a limited bridal budget is to double up functions. What better way to do that than making purchases that will carry over to your post-wedding life. What about you? What other wedding items in your (or a client’s) wedding were carried over and used in everyday life?

Jessica’s article is here:

Free Wedding Planning Help. Are you finding it difficult to keep track of all the details–what needs to be done when–while planning your wedding? The secret is to keep a detailed checklist that helps you stay on track *and* follow up with vendors at the correct intervals. By taking this approach, you can avoid last minute surprises. We have a free one for you here: