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Vintage Save the Date Ideas

Vintage save the date card and wedding invitation ideas ... links to a ton of ideas for eight different styles / 'looks'.

You are engaged and want to give everyone a “heads up” well in advance. You also know you like the current vintage trend but are not sure of all the options. Here is the lowdown on some of the most popular vintage looks in save the date cards (you can see an example of each in the image, left to right, top to bottom …

  • GATSBY. Gold and black colors combined with 20’s marquee-like fonts are the hallmarks of this style made popular by the Leonardo Dicaprio movie. Take a look.  (Style shown is here.)
  • BOARDING PASSES AND PASSPORTS. There was a time when travel tickets and other documents were more decorative than they are today. These looks are perfect for a vintage-theme destination wedding. Take a look. (Style shown is here.)
  • RETRO MUSIC. Cassette tapes, vinyl records, and Big Band era horns are only some of the musical icons that not only bring back fond memories, but make excellent design elements for save the dates and other wedding stationery as well.  Take a look. (Style shown is here.)
  • OLD POSTERS. Whether rustic or playbill-type designs, these add character to save the date cards or invitations. Take a look. (Style shown is here.)
  • OLD LACE. Few things are quite as elegant looking as vintage lace, especially when combined with a sepia, wood, or burlap background. Take a look. (Style shown is here.)
  • ELEGANT VINTAGE SCRIPT. Scrolls and curlicues combined with heirloom fonts make for  styles that are pleasing to the eye.  Take a look. (Style shown is here.)
  • MOVIE OR EVENT TICKETS. Tickets as save the dates are a fun twist because … well, your guests will be quite literally attending an event! Take a look. (Style shown is here.)
  •  SCROLLS. This concept may be taken literally (as in an ancient “here ye here ye” messenger scroll like this one) or given a more subtle execution with scrolling banners incorporated into the design. Take a look.