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Wedding Trends: Nifty and New in 2012

Wedding Trends: Nifty and New in 2012 1Although the classic fairy tale wedding will always be in, new ideas surface each year, defining the “modern” wedding. 2012 is no different.  “We are seeing couples move away from formal and traditional type weddings to fun, romantic, simple, casual, and unique weddings with a touch of formal and tradition,” notes Put the emphasis on “unique” and “simple” and you have the makings for a personally intimate wedding.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

As people move away from “overdone” and pricey, DIY projects are more popular. Not only do they bring family and friends closer as all pitch in to create the Big Day, but they allow you to be as creative or traditional as you prefer.

Tulle, also known as netting or Bridal Illusion, is one of the best materials for decorating your own wedding. Not only can you hide support poles, drape over table clothes, and tie into bows for guest chairs, you can use it to make inexpensive and attractive centerpieces as well.

One idea is to create a tree centerpiece–green for spring or summer, white for winter, red/orange/yellow colors for fall, or match it to your wedding colors–and leave it as-is or decorate with crystals or small favors. See a picture of a white tree and other ideas on my tulle inspiration board on Pinterest.

For instructions, see the post on forums here (it’s for a Christmas tree, but the idea is adaptable to any color).

Also, you will need a good supply of tulle. Here are some shopping resources for you:

Wedding Cupcakes, Evolved

Wedding Trends: Nifty and New in 2012 2The cupcake-as-cake trend has been around for two or three years–not so new but still on trend. What is new is the idea of more variety, including mini cakes and other desserts. Cake pops, unique minis like these “bride and groom” chocolate-covered strawberries, bulk candy stations, and dessert bars are all making more appearances at receptions (for more ideas, see the Dessert Station Idea Pinterest board here).

Non-Obstructive Centerpieces

Informal weddings, resembling parties, are more common this year; people want to interact and converse more with all table partners. A large & tall centerpiece hinders this. So, planners are coming up with unique ways to decorate without restricting view of those across the table: shorter centerpieces; hanging décor; or tall & thin, top-heavy designs. For ideas, take a look at the centerpiece board here.


The royal wedding in 2011 set off a trend toward lace, not only in wedding dresses, but on cakes, garters, shoes, invitations, and more.