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Walking in High Heels

high heelsYou have found the perfect pair of high heels for the wedding. They are SO cute and make your legs look fabulous. One problem: the heels are 4″ and your heel-walking experience doesn’t go beyond 2″. Don’t despair. There *is* hope. You can train yourself to walk with grace in these higher heels. The keys are gradually working your way up to 4″ and practicing. Begin by standing in the shoes. Next, move onto tiny steps, then try bigger steps and maneuvering around obstacles. Once you’ve mastered those skills, try more difficult situations and develop your stamina. By the wedding day, you will be gliding down the aisle like a runway model! For a detailed, 7-step approach on learning to walk in heels (plus a video link), visit the “Walking in Heels on your Wedding Day” pages: