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Wedding Tips List, 5 Tips for Great Catering, more

Wedding Tips List, 5 Tips for Great Catering, more 1

Around the Web today…

If you are frustrated by wedding vendors and planners constantly promoting their own services without really sharing anything of value, take a look at my ♥♥ Wedding Tips ♥♥ interest list on Facebook. It includes 50 wedding-related pages I’ve hand chosen for consistently providing great tips and inspiration.

Lists are kind of new to Facebook, so for those of you who haven’t “cracked the code,” so to speak, here’s how you use them…

(1) Make sure you are signed into your personal Facebook account (business pages cannot see interest lists).

(2) If you know the list URL, you can go right to it.

(2a) If you do not know the URL, it’s a bit more difficult…first, go to, click “Add Interests,” then you can browse or search for lists.

(3) Click Subscribe.

(4) Immediately, the list name will appear under “Interests” in your left navigation. You can now click there to see recent posts by those on the list.

Subscribe to the  ♥♥ Wedding Tips ♥♥ list here:

Tips for an Awesome Catering Experience. There are so many decisions to make and details to consider when planning a wedding, it’s helpful to note specific tips for working with certain vendors. Phillip of Rosa’s Catering (via PinkBook’s Pink Lady Andrea) has five that will help when deciding on catered food. I love that he begins with the budget and priorities. If you’ve been following me long, you know I strongly believe those are the “jumping off” points for any type of planning! Read the full article here:

Here are some great tips from TheKnot: The 10 Biggest Things Brides Forget.  I am pretty sure if I’d had a traditional wedding (instead of eloping to Vegas) I’d have forgotten about half of these. Read here:

Enjoy! ~Bobette