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Free Printable Wedding Planning Guide

How do you plan a successful wedding? You avoid the pitfalls by using a wedding planning guide. This one is free, printable, and helps you stay organized.

Here’s a bit about the steps you’ll find inside the guide.

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This free wedding planning guide helps you stay organized by tracking and completing the checklist as you go. Download it from the My Online Wedding Help blog. #MyOnlineWeddingHelp #WeddingPlanning #WeddingGuide

Page 1: What to Do Just After Engagement

Soon after the engagement you will announce the engagement and set the date. Early activities also include setting a budget and asking the wedding party (see bridesmaids proposal ideas here).

Agreeing on the number of guests and choosing a venue are also important.

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Wedding Planning Guide Pages 2-3: Choosing Vendors and Deciding upon DIY Projects

You will be juggling a variety of potential professionals and service providers. Here is space for deciding which are right for you and noting deposits and due dates.

The projects that friends, family, and you will do fall under DIY. Use this checklist to plan those activities.

The whole affair also involves a lot of shopping. Wedding bands; printed invitations and other wedding paper, and the wedding party ensembles begin the list.

Pages 3-4: More Shopping and Other Tasks

“Shop ’til you drop” may become your motto as you get ceremony and reception supplies and decor.

And don’t forget the wedding party gifts! Check out 25 Bridesmaids Ideas here.

There are also important, miscellaneous tasks to complete. For example, finalizing the guest list, making a seating plan, and planning the rehearsal dinner.

Check them off and make notes as you complete each.

Page 5: Wedding Week Countdown and Day-Before Activities

It’s down to the wire and it’s important nothing slips through the cracks! Track all the details here, from following up with vendors and the wedding party, to organizing cash tips, and a lot more.

The day before, tick off the items that will make your big day worry free.

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