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3 Different DIY Wedding Veil Tutorials

These DIY wedding veil tutorials will help you learn how to make a veil that is unique to you. Customize yours to go beautifully with your wedding gown.

How to Make a Veil. Three Different DIY Wedding Veil Tutorials

If you are like many brides, you have looked at buying a veil from bridal stores or top designers. Then found the prices uncomfortably high for your budget.

There are other options. Discount veils, for example, can run in the mid-twenty-dollar range. Or even less. Like many, you may decide to DIY your own wedding veil as well.

The Steps to Creating a Bridal Veil

Your wedding veil is one of the more manageable pieces of your wedding ensemble to DIY. The cost of purchasing your veil can be expensive compared to making it. So even if you experiment with two or three styles, you will still be ahead cost-wise.

DIY wedding veil tutorials typically follow similar step-by-step procedures. Follow them and you’ll be pleased with the results:

1) Decide what type of veil and headpiece you will wear.
2) Figure out how much material you will need.
3) Buy your supplies.
4) Layout and cut the tulle.

Then, depending on what type of veil you are making, complete one or more of the following steps:

  • Finish the edges
  • Add decorations
  • Create gathers
  • Attach a headpiece, loops, or comb

Follow the steps above, and you are limited only by your imagination.

Decide Your Veil Style

You will want plenty of time to design your perfect veil. Then more time for experimentation and careful construction.

The specifics will vary depending on the type of veil, how elaborate it is, and whether you decorate a headpiece or purchase one ready-made.

So before beginning your veil project, first decide what exact style of bridal veil you like. Check out Wedding Veil Lengths and Types.

The article and videos will help you learn more about wedding veils. And help you decide if you actually want to make your veil before you jump into a DIY project.

Material for Your Wedding Veil

No matter which style veil you make, you will want to give some thought about the length before gathering supplies. The number of tiers and veil length will dictate how much tulle or other material to purchase.

Estimate all lengths as accurately as possible to make sure you will have enough material. Then buy two-three times the length you think you will need. Then you will have enough for experimentation and practice.

Below are the wedding veil tutorials here on My Online Wedding Help. These help you make the type of veil you’d like, step-by-step. These are followed by some discussion about trim, lace, crystals or other embellishments.

The DIY Wedding Veil Tutorials

Making your veil can be overwhelming when you start. So look through the tutorials first to get a grasp of the parts involved.

This will also help you become familiar with the procedure. Then you can tailor the steps to create a custom veil if you choose.

The 5 step veil with comb tutorials were the first videos I ever made. Yikes. I was SO nervous, but I stuck with it! And that is what you should do as well, as you work through creating your perfect veil.

Embellishments and Edging Tutorial

Embellishments like rhinestones or crystals can add distinction to your DIY wedding veil. These are attached or “scattered” over the veil to enhance the overall effect.

Decorations can complement beading and detail elsewhere in your bridal ensemble. Pearls, rhinestones, crystals, or sequins can be applied just near the edge, or scattered across the entire veil.

Combine these options with a custom trim or “edging” and your veil can be truly unique.