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Your Complete Wedding Checklist. 10 Steps plus Timeline.

This complete wedding checklist includes everything you’ll need to think about when planning your wedding. Including a timeline to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. And if you are looking for a cheat sheet checklist, here’s the link to that, too!

The Every Last Detail Complete Wedding Checklist and TimelineWoohoo! You’re engaged. Now you may be wondering how long it should take you to plan your wedding. And what about a checklist?

First of all, it will take you as long as you have. Anywhere from 90 days to 12+ months. The complete wedding checklist below can be used for any length timeline.

The checklists for a quick, simple wedding and for a long engagement are similar. The difference is your focus and time spent on decisions. And options.

How to Find Your Way Around this Article

This post is long.

It contains everything you will do while planning your wedding. To help you along the way, here’s how it’s laid out:

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The Phases of Wedding Planning. Regardless of Timeline

You may have 3 months (90 short days!) or 12 months. It doesn’t matter if you are simply planning a small wedding or a larger one. The general steps to planning your wedding will be the same.

Think of your wedding plan in five stages or phases:

Phase I: The Big Picture

Early on, think in broad terms. Total budget. Theme. Type of venue.

Phase II: The Early Specifics

Develop a guest count range. And decide what, exactly, you will be doing yourself. And what you will assign to pros and helpers.

Phase III: The Work

As the vision comes into focus, your actions are more purposeful. Timelines come into focus. Complete DIY projects, shop, and settle vendor agreements.

Phase IV: The Details

Closer to the wedding date, finish up projects. And finalize ceremony and reception details.

Phase V: The Countdown

In the final days, sweat the minutia. Assess where you are according to plan. Pack, follow up, and prepare. Then do it!

A Simple, 10-Step Wedding Checklist

Your activities are like a funnel, broad to narrow in scope. This means your wedding planning steps follow a similar pattern.

Steps 1-2 (Phase I) The Big Picture

Like any project, the wedding plan starts with a good foundation and solid structure. Complete these at the beginning. They will help you make the right choices for a uniquely-you wedding.

  1. Create your wedding budget. The money will drive many decisions in the coming months. Do the budget first. And begin saving if you need to.
  2. Develop your wedding’s look and style. The location, decorations, flowers, and wedding party appearance? They all depend on your theme.

Steps 3-4 (Phase II) The Early Specifics

  1. Decide the people, place, and timeframe. Choosing who will be in your wedding is exciting. And early asks will give them plenty of time to prepare. Also, guest count affects your venue choice, so pick a general number. This will allow you to narrow the potential locations and settle on a date.
  2. Divide projects between DIY and vendors.DIY weddings are popular. And your event will likely include some elements done without a pro. Decide what you or your family and friends can handle themselves. But every wedding also relies on some outside help. Who will yours be? The decision whether to DIY your decorations, invitations, flowers, food, etc. will drive much of the work as your wedding comes together.

Steps 5-6 (Phase III) The Work

You know which projects you are tackling yourself and you have a start on getting vendors hired. It’s time to shop for items on your list and work on completing projects.

  1. Shop and do The Things. Here is where you will devote most of your time and effort. The other steps are critical as well. But think of step 5 as the labor step. You will buy most of The Stuff and begin turning out DIY creations.
  2. Visualize and complete. You are now making timelines for how the ceremony and reception will proceed. Plus identifying and finishing incomplete elements.

Step 7 (Phase IV) The Final Details

You’ve made a lot of progress on pulling the entire wedding together. It’s time to start taking stock of what’s yet to be done.

  1. Detail work. Cross-check what you’ve finished with the minute-by-minute plan for the day. Get the paperwork done. Marriage license bought and invitations sent, for example. And bookings completed.

Steps 8-10 (Phase V) The Countdown

You are entering the home stretch. At one month out, everything should be well-planned. All projects should be done. Everything takes shape the closer you get to the wedding day.

  1. 1-2 months before the wedding is when things come together.  You are ironing out all the wrinkles.
  2. The week of the wedding, up to the day before, is about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Decorations are packed. You, your vendors, and helpers are prepared.  The Stuff for the big day is ready. The day before, wedding party gifts are given. And last-minute beauty treatments happen. You assign trusted people to important tasks for the next day. And you attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  3. The big day is about being in the moment. Exchange gifts with your parents and fiancé. Get ready. Make sure to eat and drink throughout the day. And, of course, be wed!

How Engagement Length Affects Your Timeline

If the steps are the same for 90-day and 12-month wedding planning, what is different? It is how you go about accomplishing the projects and the types of choices you will make.

Your options will be narrower for the 3-month plan.

Some wedding gowns will be out of reach because the order time frame is too long. Many venues will be long-ago booked. You will skip many of the steps in the complete wedding checklist.

Also, you must be more decisive and organized. Time is of the essence on a 90-day track. This means fewer consultations and more gut decisions.

The 12-month wedding is more detailed.

You can spend more time sourcing the perfect items. It can be more about what others want. And you can gather many opinions before you make a decision.

The Complete Wedding Checklist with Planning Timeline

When you have more than a year to plan a wedding, there is time to dream and decide. And to thoroughly think over each step.

If your engagement is shorter, plan to condense the activities on this list. Plan simpler projects with fewer details, for example.

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Here is the detailed, complete wedding checklist …

Step Pre-1: We’re Engaged!

I am starting before step 1 because, “OMG, We’re engaged. Let’s start a budget right now!” said no one. Ever.

The initial flurry of excitement revolves around spreading the word.

☐ Announce to Friends, Family, and the Social World

Phone or visit family and close friends with the news first. Then change your Facebook status to “engaged.”

☐ Buy Engagement Rings or Wedding Sets

If your rings are of high value, consider getting ring insurance.

☐ Have Engagement Photos Taken

12+ Months Before the Wedding

One to two years out, you start in Phase I (steps 1-2).  Take care of major, big picture decisions. This is a roadmap of sorts that will help with your choices over coming months.

Step 1: The Budget

☐ Settle on Budget Contributions

Who is paying for what and how much are they providing? The traditional arrangement is now only one of many possibilities. The bride’s parents may pay for the wedding and reception. And the groom’s parents for the rehearsal dinner.

But do not expect it. It is common these days for the couple to contribute at least some of the wedding cost. If not all.

It depends on your situation. So sit down now and have a candid discussion.

☐ Read How to Effectively Manage Your Wedding Budget

☐ Create your Wedding Budget Worksheet
Download a budget spreadsheet template through number 4 in the article mentioned above.

Step 2: Look and Style

☐ Start your Wedding Binder, Journal, or Planner

Digital calendars and apps are great. But there’s no substitute for a physical planner when you need to keep a brochure or want to make a quick note.

And it will help you stay organized from the start. Get yours at

☐ Write your Top Three Priorities

When dreaming of the perfect wedding, what are the three elements you imagine first? The gown? Decor? Location? The people? Something else?

Decide and note them at the front of your journal. Then keep them in mind through the whole planning process.

☐ Choose your Style or Theme

Rustic? Modern? Elegant? Boho? Later, you will base choices on this decision. Everything from invitations to décor and all details between.

☐ Choose your Color Scheme

☐ Decide Level of Formality and Time of Day

☐ Begin Healthier Fitness and Beauty Habits

☐ Start Looking at Dresses

Step 3: People, Place, and Timeframe

Still at least a year from the wedding day (assuming you have that long), Phase II begins. Your plans are becoming more specific.

Decide What a Wedding Planner or Coordinator Will Complete (if anything)

Read What Does a Wedding Planner Do? at

You’ll find more than 80 ideas about how a planner, coordinator, or wedding consultant can help you. There are many options besides all-inclusive services.

Set a Guest Count Range

And begin drafting the guest list. The guest count can have the biggest impact on total cost. It affects the size of the venues, how much your food will cost, and more.

Choose and Ask the Wedding Party

The earlier you decide on and “propose to” the wedding party, the more time they will have to plan. And you may get extra helpers sooner rather than later!

Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

Groomsmen and Best Man

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


Begin Interviewing Potential Wedding Planners or Coordinators

If you would like her to work with you on choosing the venue(s), hire your planner before visiting locations.

Visit Potential Ceremony and Reception Venues

To narrow the choices to three or fewer, envision how each will fit your budget and style. Also, assure they have a space appropriate for your guest count. And discuss open dates with each.

Read the ‘Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue’ Guide at

Set the Date

Book your Chosen Venue(s)

Make note of deposit due dates and keep the contract in your wedding planner.

9 Months Before the Wedding

As the date creeps a bit closer, your wedding is three seasons away. “This year’s” trends are in the past. And “next year’s” are coming online. Which means fresh ideas you may want to incorporate into your plans.

You are still in Phase II of your wedding planning. These specifics involve projects and vendors.

Every piece of your wedding will be done by you and your helpers (DIY) or by a vendor. You may also choose to split responsibilities and do part of the food, for example. And outsource the rest to a caterer or restaurant.

Step 4: DIY Projects and Vendors

Whether it is one or two areas or several, you will need to include DIY projects on your checklist. Make notes beside the appropriate categories and leave the others blank.

Throw an Engagement Party!

☐ Ask Your Helpers

It takes a village. Bring the whole team into the fold early to help spread the workload. And having several DIY-fests is a great way for everyone to get to know each other.

The Food and Drink

Some venues provide or require their own caterer. Assure you address this. Also, ask if you can bring in any of your own foods. And make sure the contract reflects what you discussed.

☐ Appetizers:

☐ Entree(s):

☐ Side Dishes:

☐ Dessert:

☐ Cake

If the venue provides the wedding cake, check if this is a requirement. If not, do they charge a cutting or plating fee if you provide your own?

☐ Non-Alcohol Beverages

☐ Adult Drinks

Some venues provide or require their own bartender(s). Assure you address this in the contract. Also, if you are considering bringing your own alcohol, ask if there is a corkage fee.


Specify a hashtag for guests to use when uploading photos. You will have instant Instagram and Facebook photo albums.


Floral Decorations

Check if the venue(s) includes centerpieces and other floral decorations. If not, plan on providing your own or hiring someone.

Wedding Party Flowers

 Non-Floral Centerpieces & Decorations

Music and Other Entertainment




☐ Vendors

Even for a DIY wedding, you will be hiring service providers. Decide which types of pros you will be using. Visit and narrow down your choices.

Take notes about vendor preferences and requirements as they land on the “short list.” Stay organized about recording their contact information.

You are likely to find different vendors work on different timeframes. As you sign agreements, record the deposit amounts and due dates for all payments in a single place.

☐ Wedding Planner or Coordinator (if not already hired)

☐ Officiant

Traditionally, the officiant is a clergy. For different ideas, scroll to Non-Traditional Wedding Officiant Alternatives at

☐ Caterer

☐ Bartender

☐ Cake Baker

☐ Photographer

☐ Videographer

☐ Florist

☐ Band, DJ, or Other Entertainment

☐ Hair Stylist

☐ Make-Up Artist

☐ Limousine / Other Transportation

☐ Miscellaneous Rentals

6-9 Months Before the Wedding

As you make progress deciding on DIY projects and vendors, Phase III is on the horizon.

Step 5: Shop and Do

You are ready to dig into the details. Shop ‘til you drop. And get working on those DIYs!

Order Wedding Gown(s)

Wedding dresses often have a long lead time. Plus, you need time for alterations. If you haven’t put in the order yet, make this a priority.

Buy Bridal Shoes and Foundation Garments Before the First Fitting

Your dress length will vary with the shoes you are wearing. To avoid ending up with an awkward length, wear the actual shoes with the gown. It can help you avoid unexpected issues.

Likewise, your body shape will vary depending on what type of lingerie you have on. At a minimum, try on the same type of underclothing with your gown for the best fit.

Research and Buy Wedding / Event Insurance

Depending on the type of venue, you may be required to have liability insurance. You may also want to purchase wedding insurance that covers unexpected problems. Such as vendor no-shows or bad weather.

Reserve Hotel Rooms

You can reserve blocks of hotel rooms for guests’ convenience. Learn more about the best way to do this.

☐ Register for Gifts

☐ Finalize Guest List

☐ Give Guest List to Bridal / Couple’s Shower Host

Buy and Send Save the Dates

Mail as soon as the guest list is final or send only to closest family and friends. Save the Date cards and ideas are at

Tip: For the best cohesiveness, plan your wedding invitations when you buy save the dates. This way, both will reflect your wedding’s style or theme.

Plan the Honeymoon

☐ Airline Reservations

☐ Room Reservations

☐ Update Passport if Needed

☐ Decide on Flowers

Consult with your florist or wedding designer. What type of flowers do you want? Do they fit the budget?

The ceremony and reception usually have flower decorations. Women in the bridal party usually carry bouquets. And the men have boutonnieres. Decide if you will go this traditional route or be unique.

☐ Choose Wedding Party Attire

☐ The Bride(s)

_ gown(s)

_ veil(s)

_ headpiece(s)

_ jewelry

_ garter belt(s)

_ undergarments

☐ The Groom(s) and Groomsmen

_ cufflinks.
Personalized and unique cufflinks are popular.
Browse at

_ tuxedos or suits

_ shirts

_ cummerbunds or vests


_ cufflinks

_ shoes

☐ Bridesmaids

_ dresses

_ shoes

_ hair décor

_ jewelry

☐ Flower Girl

_ dress
Shop cute flower girl dresses at

_ shoes


☐ Ring Bearer

_ suit or tuxedo

_ shoes

☐ Consult with Parents About Their Wedding Outfits

☐ Buy Wedding Bands (if not already done)

☐ Hers
See women’s wedding bands at

☐ His
See men’s wedding bands at

Order Invitations, RSVPs, and Thank You Cards

Snail mail invites are still the way to go. Emails get lost or end up in spam.

Order thank you cards with invitations so you can have them on hand as gifts come in.

Get wedding invitation inspiration at

4-6 Months Before the Wedding

You are still in Phase III as you order more items, complete projects, and work with vendors. The event is coming together.

Step 6: Visualize and Complete

You can now see almost exactly what needs to happen. It is time to collect any decorations and supplies not already covered.

You can likely wait to 2-4 months before the wedding before doing these things. But doing this now will take pressure off when the time gets closer.

Also, there will be time to replace any incorrect items. And notice and order anything you have overlooked.

Place Orders for Ceremony Supplies and Décor

☐ Guestbook
Take a look at unique guestbook alternatives at

☐ Ring Bearer Pillow or Sign

☐ Flower Girl Basket or Sign

☐ Aisle Runner

☐ Pew Decorations

☐ Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle, or Handfasting Set

Buy Reception Supplies

☐ Place Cards or Escort Cards

☐ Card Box
Rustic card boxes at are popular.

☐ Favors

☐ Tablecloths

☐ Silverware or Plastic Cutlery

☐ Cake Serving Set

☐ Plates

☐ Glassware

Order Reception Decorations

☐ Entrance Arch or Other Decoration

☐ Backdrops

☐ Signs

☐ Lighting

☐ Wall décor

☐ Ceiling Drape (gossamer or tulle)

☐ Head Table Décor

☐ Centerpieces

☐ Table Numbers

☐ Chair Covers or Sashes

Arrange Dress Fittings

The actual fittings can begin about two months before the wedding. But contact the shop or seamstress ahead of time to assure you can get on the calendar.

☐ Bride(s)

☐ Bridesmaids

☐ Mothers

Choose Cake and Attend Tastings

Attend Pre-Wedding Counseling (if you are doing that)

Choose and Order Wedding Party Gifts

☐ Bridesmaids
Get inspired by 25 bridesmaids ideas for brides at

☐ Groomsmen

☐ Flower Girl

☐ Ring Bearer

☐ Parents
The “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams” bracelet at is our #1 best-selling mother of the groom gift.

☐ Grandparents

Order Rentals

☐ Tables

☐ Tents

☐ Porta Potties

☐ Buffets

☐ Lighting Fixtures

☐ Generators

☐ Décor

☐ Special Appliances

☐ Confirm All Bookings in Writing

While you are confirming, check on payment due dates. And ask about each vendor’s needs for the day of the wedding. Keep careful notes in your planner.

☐ Ceremony Venue

☐ Reception Venue

☐ Officiant

☐ Caterer

☐ Photographer

☐ Entertainment

☐ Book Limousine or Other Transportation

☐ Arrange Child Care if Guests Will Be Bringing Young Kids

☐ Meet with Your Helpers

Make sure all the projects and responsibilities are on track. And answer any questions people may have. Periodically keep in touch with everyone as the date grows nearer.

☐ Research Wedding License Requirements

☐ Check Your Passport (if it’s a destination wedding or reception)

☐ Plan the Rehearsal Dinner

☐ Create a Day-of-Wedding Timeline Overview

☐ Develop a Detailed Reception Timeline

2-4 Months Before the Wedding

Phase IV begins as you finish projects. All the details are coming into focus.

Step 7: Work on Details

☐ Address Invitations

Plan to send invitations about six weeks before the wedding. Earlier if the wedding is out-of-town.

☐ Attend the Wedding Shower

☐ Make Day-of-Wedding Beauty Appointments for Bride and Others in Wedding Party

☐ Hair

☐ Make-up

☐ Plan the Ceremony Details

☐ Seating

☐ Music Choices

☐ Walk Down the Aisle

☐ Rituals (unity candle, sand ceremony, handfasting)

☐ Readings

☐ Vows

☐ Recessional

☐ Create and Order Wedding Programs

Some choose a sign near the head of the aisle. Others distribute one program to each ceremony guest. There is a variety of wedding programs at

☐ Plan the Reception Details

☐ Seating Plan

☐ Music Choices

☐ Dances

☐ Rituals (garter toss, bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc.)

☐ Final Menu

☐ Final Beverage and Bar Specifics

Create and Order Menus

Choose to set a menu at each place setting. Or display the choices on signs at food stations and the bar.

Chalkboard signs are a popular alternative. Get chalkboard sign inspiration at

Finalize the Satellite Bookings

☐ Guest Hotel Room Block

☐ Rehearsal Dinner Reservation

☐ Honeymoon Reservations

Make Appointments for Blood Tests and Shots (if traveling out of the country)

1-2 Months Before the Wedding

You made it to Phase V! The countdown begins. From now until the wedding day it is about pulling it all together for one spectacular day.

Step 8: The Plan Comes Together

Here, in Step 8, you begin checking and completing the micro-details.

☐ Send Wedding Invitations

☐ Send Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

☐ Send Shower Thank You Notes

☐ Send or Post Wedding Announcements to Media

☐ Confirm Rings Arrived and Fit

☐ Women, Attend the Final Fittings

The undergarments can make a big difference in the appearance of some dress styles. So, for the most polished look, wear the actual lingerie to the last fitting(s).

☐ Brides(s)

☐ Bridesmaids

☐ Mom(s)

☐ Gather and Scrutinize the Women’s Accessories

☐ Veil

☐ Headpieces

☐ Shoes

☐ Jewelry

☐ Men, Finalize and Fit the Outfits

☐ Groom(s)

☐ Groomsmen

☐ Dad(s)

☐ Gather and Scrutinize the Men’s Accessories

☐ Vests/Cummerbunds

☐ Ties

☐ Shoes

☐ Cufflinks

☐ Check Progress on Kids’ Outfits

☐ Flower Girl

☐ Ring Bearer

☐ Check Vendors for Final Details

Discuss their venue-related needs (outlets, space, meals, etc.) and update your notes.

☐ Caterer

☐ Bartender

☐ Cake Baker

☐ Photographer

☐ Videographer

☐ Florist

☐ Band, DJ, or Other Entertainment

☐ Hair Stylist

☐ Make-Up Artist

☐ Limousine / Other Transportation

☐ Rental Companies

Do Final Reception Venue Check

☐ Set-Up Configuration

☐ Cross Check with Vendor Notes

Buy the Marriage License

Finish Polishing Your Vows

☐ Buy or Finish Hotel Welcome Baskets

Make Sure Wedding Website or Social Media Page is Updated

☐ Hotel Check-In Info

☐ Rehearsal Dinner Time, Date, and Place

☐ Ceremony Info

☐ Reception Info

☐ Ask Special People to Give Reception Speeches

☐ Ask Ceremony Readers

☐ Take Dance Lessons

Do the Name Change Thing (if either of you are changing your last name)

Each state has different rules and forms for legally changing your name. Find the name change kit for your state at

Make Honeymoon Itinerary

2 Weeks – 1 Month Before the Wedding

You continue to confirm and work on the logistics as the week of the wedding draws closer.

Practice Walking in Your Wedding Shoes at

Break in Your Shoes
Learn how at

Get Hair Cut and Styled

Create Wedding Set-Up Timeline

Plan Wedding Break-Down

☐ Follow Up with RSVPs

☐ Give Final Headcount to Venue/Caterer

☐ Make a Seating Chart

Finalize Photo List. Give to Photographer

☐ Finalize Song Choices (Yes and No). Give to DJ/Band

☐ Assure All Deposits & Balances Due are Paid

☐ Ceremony Venue

☐ Officiant

☐ Reception Venue

☐ Caterer

☐ Baker

☐ Photographer

☐ Videographer

☐ Florist

☐ Entertainment

☐ Transportation

☐ Rentals

☐ Confirm Honeymoon Reservations

☐ Confirm Wedding Party Gifts Arrived and Correct

☐ Keep List of Gifts Received. Send Thank You Cards

The Wedding Week

You are almost there! This last week is about organizing and communicating. So the day will go off without a hitch. You will be very busy.

Step 9: Dot the I’s. Cross the T’s

☐ Take Off Work!

☐ Get Final Hair Trim or Style Tweaks

Review with Vendors

This is the final chance to give and get information from vendors.

☐ Make Vendors Timeline and Contact Sheet

This will let everyone know which vendors to expect where and when. Give it to your venue manager, coordinator, and all the day-of-wedding helpers.

Order Liquor or Other Bar Supplies

Make or Print Table Numbers and Place Cards

☐ Assure Wedding Party Attire is Complete and Fits

Check that everything is going smoothly. And that all the changes from Step 8 are okay.

☐ Press or Steam Gown(s) and Veil(s)

☐ Organize Cash Tips and Payments into Envelopes

☐ Ceremony Venue

☐ Officiant

☐ Reception Venue

☐ Caterer

☐ Baker

☐ Photographer

☐ Videographer

☐ Florist

☐ Entertainment

☐ Transportation

☐ Rentals

☐ Drivers

☐ Bartender

☐ Other

Arrange for Mail Hold

Attend Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Put Together Day-of-Wedding Emergency Kit

Gather mending supplies, energy bars, water, touch up makeup, hairspray, hairpins, etc. into a tote or convenient box. Assign someone to keep it close by on the wedding day.

Gather and Pack Everything for Ceremony and Reception Decor

Pack for Wedding Day

☐ Suit(s)

☐ Dress(es)

☐ Accessories and Jewelry

☐ Morning-of-wedding gifts.

_ spouse

_ mom(s)

_ dad(s)

☐ Personalized Vows

☐ Wedding Bands

☐ Emergency Kit

Pack for Wedding Night and Honeymoon

Check Weather Report

Plan accordingly.

The Day Before the Wedding

True, the day before the Big One is part of the week before. But it takes on special significance for obvious reasons.

Sentimentally, this is your last day as fiancées. Tomorrow is the beginning of married life.

From a planning perspective, zero hour is upon you! It is the last day to get things done.

If you have followed the timeline well, this day is about assuring things are where they should be. And last-minute pleasantries.

Get Last-Minute Beauty Treatments

Attend Rehearsal and Dinner

Give Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts

Give Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Gifts

Assign Trusted People to Important Day-of Tasks

☐ Transport Miscellaneous to Ceremony and Reception

☐ Serve as Day-of-Wedding Point Person

☐ Make Snacks and Water Available to Wedding Party Throughout Day

☐ Be Photographer Who’s Who Contact

A person to point out the relatives and special friends can result in more meaningful photos. And leave you free to have a wonderful time throughout the day and evening.

☐ Coordinate Wedding Party Transportation

☐ Move Gifts Home

☐ Take Gown for Cleaning

☐ Return Rentals

☐ Give Marriage License and Fee to Officiant

☐ Distribute Tips and Remaining Payments

☐ Assure All Vendors Have:

☐ Point-Person’s Emergency Cell Number

☐ Directions and Maps to All Locations

☐ Timeline for the Entire Day

☐ Their Vendor-Specific Timeline/Checklist

Give Ceremony Supplies to Staff or Set-Up Crew

☐ Give Reception Decorations to Staff or Set-Up Team

Assure Hotel Welcome Bags are Delivered

Charge All Devices

Set Alarm

Go to Bed Early!

The Day of the Wedding

All your hard work and planning has paid off. The big day is here!

Step 10: Do it!

Pack Device Chargers

☐ Eat Breakfast

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Snacks Throughout Day

Allow Three Hours for Hair, Make-Up, and Getting Dressed

Exchange Gifts with Fiancée

Give Thank You Gifts to Parents

Be Wed!

Step Post-10: After the Wedding

The nuptials and celebrations are complete. But there are still a few items to check off your list before closing this chapter of your life.

☐ Assigned People Return Rentals, Take Gown for Cleaning

☐ File the Name-Change Forms

☐ Send Thank You Cards to Guests, Vendors, and Helpers

☐ Touch Bases with Photographer for Photo Delivery Timeline

☐ Exchange or Return Duplicate Gifts

☐ If Your Registry has Perks, Claim Them!

There you have it! Your complete wedding planning checklist. All the details in one place!

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It's crazy to think about how many decisions a couple has to make during a three-month planning period. I hadn't even considered that a lot of wedding dresses would be off the table simply because they couldn't be sewn or altered in time for the wedding or bridal photos. If I were getting married soon, I would definitely want to make sure my ring and my dress, at the very least, were exactly as I want them and visualize them to be.