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Ideas: How to Embellish a Wedding Veil with Trim

Wedding veil embellishments–trim and beading–are two of the elements that make a veil uniquely yours. Whether you are going to make your own veil or buy it, below are a video and pics with close-up examples. Use them to help you decide what type of finish and how you would like to embellish your own veil.

And don’t miss the steps in my DIY wedding veil tutorial below the video. 

Wedding Veil Trim and Embellishment Ideas

As you watch the video near the end of this post, refer to this section for the low-down on each type of bridal veil trim. Below, I link to examples of each from the store where I bought the veils in the video. Plus, you can click over to our shop to see trim listings for your DIY wedding veil.
Notice I refer to how difficult it would be for “someone like me” to make a similar veil. My skill level when I made the video was around 2-3 on a 10-point sewing scale.
You can use my skillset as a benchmark. You may find purchasing a discount veil outweighs the time or expertise it would take to make a similar one. Or decide the project is well within your capabilities.

Wedding veil trim examplesNote: As with most My Online Wedding Help links, the links in this post go to the site’s shop section or to a merchant website. That said, THE CHOICES HERE ARE MY OWN. No one paid or asked to be listed here. My Online Wedding Help will receive a small commission from the merchant at no added cost to you if you click and buy a product.

About the 7 Embellished Veil Examples

The veils in the video and mentioned below are from here, where prices usually start at around $9.99.

1. These veils have a scallop-edged design, floral appliqué and some embroidery. If you are a good seamstress, you may be able to do this one on your own. You can shop lace trim for your veil here

2. Pearls (aka beading), stuck randomly throughout the veil, adorn this rolled-edged veil. This one I think I could handle making. You can easily find pearl beads at your local craft store. Or shop pearl bead trim here.

3. A ribbon edge adds a hint of elegance to an otherwise simple-looking veil. This looks relatively easy for someone who can sew well. I’d be able to apply a ribbon with glue, but some experimentation would definitely be in order, to see if it discolors or otherwise mottles the ribbon surface. Shop ribbon veil trim here.

4. Raw edges, with embellishments are throughout this veil. Different size beads or pearls and little pearl heart shapes will create a dramatic effect as you walk down the aisle. I could do this…anything that only requires gluing little things here and there is a go for those of us in the bottom 30%, when it comes to DIY craft skills.

5. Next is a beaded edge veil with sequin and bugle beads. They have taken the embellishments and made a mini scalloped pattern all the way around the edges. This I could do, but making sure the scallops are even would be a minor nightmare for me.

6. This chapel-length veil has a scalloped edge applique. It’s embroidered and attached all the way around the edges of the veil. Because this is a longer veil, it would take quite a lot of trim to go all the way around if you were to make a similar one. You can shop embroidered lace appliques here for your own project.

7. The last veil is a cathedral length with edging of seed pearl beads and clear sequins. Every so often, they have taken the same sequins and beads and sewn floral designs. This one is elegant and understated, but when you start looking it has some really interesting details. Could I make this one? Not a chance. But it is beautiful!

The video is below. Enjoy.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Veil

These are the five steps to making your own veil.

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