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How to DIY Rustic Wedding Cake Decorating. 3 Simple Techniques.

Do you see pictures of rustic wedding cakes and wonder, “Could I do that?”  Those textured patterns in the frosting are easier than you may think. You can do it without experience, bags, or icing tips. And the decorations are simple, too. 

How to DIY Rustic Wedding Cake Decorating. 3 Simple Techniques. 1


This tutorial consists of seven videos. The main video at the end of this post shows the process of assembling all the decorations on the cake.

The six additional videos demonstrate, in detail, how to make the rustic cake decorations and create the icing effects.

Here are those six decorating steps …

Decorating a DIY Rustic Wedding Cake

This country wedding cake DIY shows you the steps in decorating a rustic cake. Three simple buttercream icing techniques, a love knot rope, and burlap leaves for flowers.

At the beginning and end of each video, you will find what I call a menu, where there will be links to each of six videos and this page. The cue that you are in a menu section will be my black shirt.

In the actual tutorials, I’m wearing salmon with polka dots. You can always skip past this part at the beginning of any video by going straight to 1:05.

Since I have no wedding cake decorating experience and little natural craftiness, my videos are geared toward helping those with limited talent figure out how to DIY. Consequently, I show you easier methods than you may find in videos from experts.

Additionally, I share tips for avoiding some of the pitfalls you may run into. Enjoy!

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