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Easy DIY Burlap Flowers

There are many ways to DIY burlap flowers. Some easy. Some not so much. This easy loopy fabric version is the simplest.

I recently went on a mission to find the technique with the most impact. With no big talent required. I do have a rustic burlap flowers tutorial. But was craving a little more definition.

My rule is to balance the time, talent, and tenacity required for any DIYs I publish. If you are planning a wedding or other event, the last thing you need is to get bogged down in a project!

Plus I am the type who has, ummmm … let’s say rudimentary skills.

On my journey I looked at those burlap roses that look just like the flower. They are so awesome. But time-consuming and tedious for the uninitiated.

An imprecise, freeform method that only looked structured is more my speed. One that is forgiving of mistakes and still looks great.

The easy way to make loopy Burlap Fabric Flowers.

The Easiest Fabric Flowers to Make

Then I discovered Tiffany Windsor on YouTube. She made some big, amazing blooms as part of a topiary centerpiece.

That had potential.

So I adjusted her method down to a smaller size and tried stacking layers. I added center bling. This was something I could work with. Not hard. Not tedious. Amazing.

I ran with this loopy burlap fabric flower method to create a centerpiece bouquet. 

How to the DIY Loopy Burlap Flowers Centerpiece Bouquet

In the video at the end of this post you can see, step-by-step, how I created the white looped layer. The single layer in the video is only part of how I made this whole look.

Here is an overview of the steps to put the bouquet together …

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What you Need



  • Flexible, fabric-friendly glue. Or a glue gun.
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters

Steps to Creating the Bouquet

To DIY this centerpiece bouquet:

  • First make the burlap flower blooms, attaching the bottom layer to the stems as you go.
  • Then arrange as you like, adding baby’s breath.
  • Tie the bunch together with a strip of burlap or twine.
  • Cut the stems to the correct length for your vase.

If you use fresh baby’s breath, these instructions are for a short-term bouquet. They should last at least 2-3 days in the fridge, plus normal use the day of the event.

But it’s easy to make the real flowers last longer. To lengthen the life of the baby’s breath, wrap the burlap flower stems in waterproof floral tape to keep them from getting yucky. And add water to your vase.

Bouquet Step 1: Make the Top and Center Looped Layers of the Burlap Flowers

Easy DIY Burlap Flowers 3

Make the top and center layers using the method shown in the looped burlap flowers video in this post. (Or watch How to Make Burlap Flowers with Loops on YouTube then come back here for the rest of the bouquet tutorial). So refer to the video to see how to make these.

I used 3″ white burlap squares and 4″ natural burlap (with gold sparkle) squares.

Bouquet Step 2: Make Stems

Take three chenille stems and twist them, for added strength. You can also use heavy-gauge florist wire and wrap it in florist tape.

Or dowels if you prefer straight, rigid stems. It’s all about the look you are going for.

Bouquet Step 3: Create the Bottom, Green Layer

Easy DIY Burlap Flowers 4

I pretend this layer is leaves. That’s why I made it green. You can do a different color, or leave the third layer off completely.

That’s the joy of DIY. You can do you.

A. Cut about eight, 5″ squares of hunter green burlap.

B. Pull all but six horizontal (or vertical) strands from the square. Leave three each on opposite sides.

C. Fold and glue into a rectangle, to make loops.

D. Place the stem from step 2 at one end of the glued side of the rectangle. Roll the rectangle around the stem, glueing as you go.

E. Separate and press the loop petals flat against the table. To form a flower shape.

Optionally, spray the burlap flower with fabric stiffener or mod podge. This reduces fuzz. But also makes the loops less pliable to work with later on. Be careful …

Easy DIY Burlap Flowers 5

Bouquet Step 4: Glue the center and top burlap flower layers to the stemmed leaves.

Dab some glue in the largest- and middle-sized flower layers. And press them together to form a single flower with a stem.

Bouquet Step 5: Add the Embellishment

Place a dot of glue in the center of your top layer. Then place a round, flatback decoration.

Arrange the Flowers

After creating enough burlap flowers to make the size bouquet you want, it’s time to form the arrangement.

I think the bigger one in the mason jar had nine flowers. The one in the cup has three.

Easy DIY Burlap Flowers 6

Step 6: Form the Bouquet

I in no way resemble an expert florist. Think opposite of that. Which is why I never try to do more than two types of things in one bouquet.

If you do know what you are doing, go wild in this step. It will look better than mine. I promise.

And please post a photo in the comments!

Starting with one or three flowers for the center, hold them by the stems in one hand. Then add sprays of baby’s breath. Alternate baby’s breath and more fabric flowers until you love it.

The beauty of both baby’s breath and burlap flowers is they are meant to be a bit messy. And rustic looking. Both great traits if you lack precision.

Step 7: Tie the stems together at the base of the flowers.

You can also wrap the whole “handle” part of the burlap flower bouquet in a strip of fabric or ribbon.

Step 8: Tidy the Stems

You may want to manicure the stems. Especially if your vase is clear.

Using wire cutters or pliers, snip the ends of the fuzzy sticks to a uniform length. Straighten or arrange them as you like.

Loopy Burlap Flowers Video Tutorial

The video shows how to create one layer of the flower. You can also see how to stack them together for the more elaborate style. Look below the video for timestamps to go to each part of the instructions.

Flower Leaf Pattern

At 8:05 in the video below I show a bottom layer I used as an option for leaves. Instead of the green looped fabric one in the flowers in this blog post.

Here is that flower / leaf template. You can use it to make flowers (but don’t sell it).

If you have a website or social channel, feel free to share the template through them. But please do not remove my information from the file.


Timestamps for each step in the make loopy burlap flowers video.

0:40 Cut the Fabric

1:38 Picture of my cat Shadow

2:17 Remove Strands

4:11 Glue and Roll Flower

7:14 Stack Layers and Decorate Center

Printable Summary: DIY Loopy Burlap Fabric Flowers

Printable Summary: DIY Loopy Burlap Fabric Flowers

Yield: 1 Fabric Flower
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Easy DIY Burlap Fabric Flowers. Tutorial shows how to make looped-petal flowers.



  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tweezers (optional)


  1. Cut burlap into squares. You need one square for each piece of the flower. Choose three colors for the effect shown. Create each square about 1/2" wider than you'd like the finished layer to be.
  2. Remove horizontal strands from the burlap square. Leave 3 strands at the top and 3 at the bottom of the square.
  3. Glue and roll flower layer. Place glue along the 3 burlap strands on one side. Fold square in half, pressing the opposite 3 strands into the glue. Roll along glued end, adding more glue as you go. Spread petal loops and press flat.
  4. Stack layers and embellish center. Glue the flower layers on top of each other. Then glue your decoration in the center. Let dry.


To reduce fuzz and to set the shape, spray with fabric stiffener before adding the center.

In the pictured flower, I used squares of 5" green, 4" white, and 3" natural burlap with gold sparkle. The center is a pearl and rhinestone button. I'd recommend using a flatback button instead.

A more detailed tutorial is in the Easy DIY Burlap Fabric Flowers blog post on My Online Wedding Help at

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