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5 Favorite Gold and Glitter DIY Wedding Tutorials

Glitter and gold: trendy and a sixth, in addition to these five ways, to make an inexpensive wedding look posh. Despite its often-luxe appearance, this type of glitz does not have to be expensive. There are many ways you can incorporate both aspects into your wedding with DIY projects. Here are five of my favorites.
Gold and glitter DIY wedding tutorials-invitations, vase and bottle decorations, table numbers, and a rad gold heart tutorial.

DIY Heart Decoration Tutorial

This paper mache heart got a lot of attention when it debuted in a wedding on 100LayerCake. Later, the creator, Bramble Workshop, made a tutorial showing you how to make your own from surprisingly common materials.  As a bonus, it looks to be very lightweight, so this décor could easily hang from a wall or ceiling.

DIY heart decoration tutorial. LOVE this big gold heart. There are step-by-steps on how to do this for very cheap. Four other glittery or gold projects, too.

DIY Gold Wedding Invitations Tutorial

Buying gold foil invitations can be spendy on a tight budget. There is, however, a workaround: add the gold yourself with a paint pen. Anna Skye shows you how in the tutorial here (If you click then buy any of Anna’s downloads, I get a commission.). The templates for these and other invitations are available on the site. If you prefer to print gold, instead of paint it by hand, check out her Pearls and Lace download here.

DIY gold wedding invitations tutorial. How to add gold foil to your save the dates or invites. Four more gold DIY projects, too.

Glitter Table Numbers

Guest tables at the reception are prime spots to add bits of sparkle, and the table numbers are an ideal place to start. Cara Conradt created these for her wedding.  Here are a few tips for working with glitter:

Glitter table numbers DIY. How to make these wooden gold table numbers with a little stand. There are also four other how-tos.

Gold Painted Vases DIY

If you are going for multi-part centerpieces, but want to elevate the mix-and-match look to something a bit more elegant, this tutorial by Lou Baltruschat Hollis is for you. Begin with an assortment of random containers (bottles, thrift store vases, tea cups, etc.) and end with show-stopping gleam. Like the table numbers, you can stop after spraying on gold or continue with glitter.

Gold painted vases DIY. She uses gold paint to cover inexpensive containers like bottles and jars. Good tips for avoiding drips. There are four other gold / glitter DIYs, too.

DIY Glitter Bottles

These bottles are for the glitter fiends among us. If this is you, skip the gold paint and go straight to the good stuff. Here, Ivana and Fiona show you a technique to pile on the bling, then seal in most of the glitter. (Nothing stops the flecks from shedding a bit, but you can keep most of the sparkles in place.) These were for a bachelorette party, but you could use yours for a Champagne toast at the wedding. Or, use empty or different bottles for non-beverage decorations. Also, I like how they incorporated two hues, an easy way to add your theme colors into the project.

DIY glitter bottles. It shows how to make glitter champagne, but you could do the same thing with any vase, glass, or bottle. There are four other wedding on a budget DIYs, too.

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Monday 29th of October 2018

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