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This is How To Calculate DIY Veil Trim Length

You are making a veil and found the perfect lace trim or other edging. But how much do you need? Here is how to calculate the trim length to buy for your DIY veil.

This is How to Calculate Trim Length for Your DIY Veil. Text over a cathedral length two tier wedding veil with lace trim.

This form will tell you the number of yards to purchase. But buy at least a yard or two more, so you have enough for experiments, mistakes, and mind changes!

Before you use this calculator, know three things:

  • How wide will your veil be (in inches)? The fullest veils are made with 108″ tulle. But 54″ wide material is common as well.
  • How long will your veil be (in inches)? There are standard veil lengths. But the best way is to hold a tape measure to the place on your head where you will attach the veil. Then measure to where you want the veil to fall. If you will have a trimmed blusher or second tier, add the two lengths together.
  • How far around will you finish the edge? A fully trimmed veil is 100 percent finished. Halfway around is 50 percent.

— Veil Trim Calculator Starts Here —

— Veil Trim Calculator Ends Here —

How to Calculate DIY Veil Trim Length Manually

You can overestimate the trim needed in 3 steps:

Step 1: Figure out the perimeter of your fabric (2 times the fabric width + 2 times the fabric length) Step 2:  Multiply that number by whatever percent you will trim (if half for example, multiply by .5)
Step 3: That will give you inches. Divide by 36 for yards

Your DIY Veil – You can do this!

Now you know how much bridal lace or other trim you’ll need. <–That’s an affiliate link, which means I get a small commission at no cost to you if you click and buy.

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Thursday 19th of January 2023

Where is the trim calculator?!?!?!

Bobette Kyle

Thursday 26th of January 2023

Thanks for the heads up, Sandra. The calculator is having a conflict with another technology on the site. We are working on fixing this. Meanwhile, you can over-estimate what you need by taking the perimeter of a rectangle piece of fabric.

Take the width of the veil times 2 plus the length of the veil times 2 then Take that number and multiply it by the amount of the veil you are going to trim (for example, if 50% then use .5) then To get yards, divide that number by 36.

That will give you how much you'd need, in yards, to trim the raw fabric. That method overestimates because it doesn't take into account what you cut off to round out the veil.