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Comfort – Choosing Mens Wedding Rings

mens wedding bandThere are several questions to consider when purchasing a man’s wedding ring. The first: Will it be comfortable?

Most men rate the comfort factor high on their list of requirements for a wedding band. Since a man’s wedding ring is apt to be more streamlined than a woman’s, it is often easier to build in comfort with the shape of the edge or the cut of the metal. When you’re looking for a ring that feels good on your finger, consider these options:

– A soft curve or comfort curve on the inside of the ring makes for a better fit, whatever the style of the outside.
– A soft-fit ring has softly curved edges, but not a completely curved inside surface.
– A softly rounded edge, instead of sharp angles, is often a better fit; though a flat band with a gentle, rounded inside edge works fine, too.
– Many ring designers build in one or more of these comfort features. When looking at mens wedding bands, look for a “comfort fit” or similar designation.

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