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Mens Wedding Rings – Considerations for Wear

mens wedding ring wearingMost women wear their wedding rings at all times, taking them off only for certain tasks. For some men, however, the decision is not as easy. When choosing a wedding band for your fiance, consider what he does during work and play and what effect that may have on a ring. If he works with his hands, for example, it may be dangerous or against company policy to wear a wedding ring while working. Even if his company allows it, the job could be rough on jewelry in some way — rubbing off the finish, denting the metal, or loosening a stone. Extra-curricular activities can also be rough on a wedding band if he engages in rough and tumble sports, such as rock climbing, football, soccer, ice hockey, or surfing. Any of them can play havoc with his ring, especially if it has gemstones or can easily slip off his finger. Hobbies are another consideration. Does he regularly use tools that could damage a nice piece of jewelry?

When choosing your fiance’s wedding band, consider what he does with his hands as well as how he will actually wear the ring and buy accordingly. My husband, for example (who works in construction), was going to wear his gold milgrained band only during non-work hours so he wouldn’t scratch it (Gold is a relatively soft metal). That lasted about two weeks. It turns out he actually wanted to wear the ring all the time, so decided to live with some scratches. The better solution here may have been to get a titanium or tungsten ring — which are harder metals — instead of gold. Whatever your situation, think about how he will wear the ring when deciding on the perfect wedding band for him. To explore the possibilities, visit the mens wedding bands section: