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Wedding Tiara Shape

Wedding TiaraA tiara and veil can enhance your natural beauty or draw attention to your flaws. The wrong wedding tiara for your face shape can make a long face look “horsey” or a full face appear fat. The general rule of thumb is your headpiece should balance out the shape of your face. If you have a full or round face, for example, consider princess tiaras with peaks at the top to elongate your face. Conversely, a long face requires a flatter (and perhaps wider) piece. Heavy beading or other adornments can help balance a long, thin face. Oval faces are pleasingly symmetrical and tend to look well with most headpieces (although you will probably want to avoid a peaked tiara). To break up an oval face vertically, try a bridal headpiece that fits low in front, across your forehead. The photo at left shows an Illusions tiara. You can see that tiara and more here. Find more about choosing the perfect tiara on the wedding tiaras page.