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“Pinteresting” Wedding Ideas

"Pinteresting" Wedding Ideas 1We’ve all heard about–and probably even use–Pinterest. It’s awesome for creating inspiration boards while planning a wedding. Many of us in the industry help out by setting up boards of our own to showcase interesting images. In my case, it’s those I find (or create) while researching and writing, with a few products from my website and images from articles I write sprinkled in. For planners and coordinators, it’s usually photos of clients’ weddings, with a few promotional images in between.

Here are a few boards you may find interesting and like to follow:

  • Wedding gowns with interesting backs look to be a new trend for spring 2013. Styles in the new lines coming out have lace, embroidered, and cut out backs that are works of art in themselves. Take a look here:
  • The fast-moving “Community Pulse” board is run by a group of (currently) 53 Pinster-ers. (Is that a word?!) It’s a great way to find a lot of wedding ideas fast. See the board here:
  • If you are having a rustic and/or slightly quirky wedding, mason jars are for you. I am amazed at what all you can do with them! So far I’ve run into well over 50 specific decorating uses, which I’ve gathered here: (Next week my daughter and I are going to work on recording a “mason jar centerpiece ideas” video for you, which I’ll upload soon after.)

That should get the creative juices flowing! You can find all 91 of my boards, here, at (OMG I don’t believe I’ve created that many boards!)

Enjoy! ~Bobette