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What is an Asian Wedding?

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Before defining an Asian wedding one has to keep in mind that Asia is a very diverse continent, comprising very different cultures and civilizations. Even if most people think of the Indian traditions when they hear about an Asian wedding, the concept is actually much wider. Just remember that Japan, China and Thailand are also Asian countries, not to mention Central-Asian countries and those in the Middle East.

Most people in the West who choose to organize an Asian-themed wedding resort to Indian or Pakistani traditions. These are very attractive especially for conservative countries because of the glitter and display of wealth.

First of all, traditional weddings, for example in Pakistan, last three days. Although they usually take place in a specially designed tent, to fit all the guests, Asian weddings can take place in a restaurant too. The bride and groom usually surround themselves with a large number of guests, because all the dear ones should be there for the ceremony.

A very unique tradition in Asian weddings around India and Pakistan is the dances prepared by guests as a kind of present for the newlyweds. All the dances prepared are performed on a special stage, and relatives from both families usually present one. Every location that will host an Indian or Pakistani wedding should have such a stage in a place where everyone can see it.

The most spectacular part of the wedding is the clothes. Unlike the West, the bride is never dressed in a simple white dress, but in a very colorful and glittery one. Besides the bright colors of the dress, she is always adorned with heavy and expensive jewelry, in a spectacular display of wealth.

The bride’s hands are rich in bangles and rings, and she is painted in the Indian art of mehndi. These are applications of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in Pakistan and India, used in other traditional rituals too, but compulsory for the bride.

These are all habits that people in western traditions like to copy or include in their weddings. Hotels around London and close by in Maidenhead and across Berkshire offer the space and service for any such preferences.

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