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5+ Tips and Techniques for a Low Cost Wedding

5+ Tips and Techniques for a Low Cost Wedding 1As you may have noticed, has a new look! The logo’s new as is our bride, diligently searching for just the right products for her wedding. I’ve also been changing the site structure to more clearly match the “Create Your Dream Wedding on a DIY Budget” tag line.

This all revolves around the “Top 5 money saving rules of the DIY-budget wedding,” here, which are the best methods for getting great value from products you buy for the wedding. Those rules are:

#1: Do it yourself ONLY where it makes sense.

#2: Buy pre-owned or slightly irregular when you can (check out our new pre-owned section here).

#3: Sell or reuse your wedding products.

#4: Shop a range of stores, including general merchandisers and discount websites.

#5: Shop sales and use coupon codes whenever possible.
#5A: Combine #s 4 and 5 for some real fun!

(BTW, read Top 6 tips for saving money on your dream wedding, here, for vendor- and venue-related advice.)

Enjoy! ~Bobette