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Budget Wedding Idea #221: Hire a Day-Of Coordinator

Wedding Idea on a Budget: Hire a day-of coordinator. Paying a coordinator can help you save. Article explains and there is a link to find a wedding planner who offers these services. #myonlineweddinghelp

Hire a “day of” coordinator. Doing it all yourself on the day of the wedding is like directing and starring in your own production. It’s doable, for sure, but it is a lot more work and likely to be less than dreamy. Even the best-planned events have something go wrong. Do you really want to be dealing with those hiccups—or even directing the players—when you should be relaxed and having the time of your life? Of course not. After all your hard work, you want to be able to enjoy your big day.

A day-of coordinator should come into the picture three or four weeks before the wedding so there is time for her to put together the schedule and communicate with everyone involved. She will organize the agenda before and run the show during the event, smoothing out the final details and creating an itinerary for the big day. Then, on your wedding day, she will make sure everyone is where they should be, on schedule (saving you potential overage or other fees resulting from overlooked tasks). You don’t even have to know about glitches that happen behind the scenes.

I do want to note that there is a difference between an on-site coordinator the venue may provide and an independent coordinator you hire. Basically, the former is on the venue’s payroll. She will make sure you know what’s going on with the room and any vendors the venue provides, so you can be certain your wedding happens according to contract. The independent coordinator, on the other hand, is on your payroll. She knows what needs to happen with your entire wedding to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Whatever type of planner you consider hiring, you can locate reputable local planners through the Association of Bridal Consultants, which requires all members to follow a code of ethics. Find those in your area through Note: if you are interested in less-than-full-planning services, mention “à la carte” or “partial planning” in the other information section before submitting your request.

The wedding ideas on a budget are from the Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride ebook.