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Tip for Choosing a Wedding Makeup Artist

If there are 40- or 50- something ladies in the wedding party (or if the makeup artist is going to do the MOB / MOG), be sure he or she understands the needs of less-than-new skin. A friend of mine whose son is getting married tomorrow is going through a crisis. In the practice session, the professional makeup artist insisted on treating her makeup very much the same as the 20-something bride’s. She was horrified with the results. The same foundation, concealer, and powder that brought out her future DIL’s beauty made MOG “look like an old hag.” The makeup settled into the wrinkles around her eyes and emphasized — rather than hid — her age. She now plans to forgo the professional treatment and apply her own makeup. To avoid the same tragedy, think about the different skin types your makeup artist will be working with and ask questions about what steps she will take to assure everyone looks her best on the special day. If you’re not satisfied with the answers, keep looking until you’ve found the right artist.


Thursday 18th of September 2008

Finding the right makeup artist is really hard.When I got married my friend recommended this artist who she said was the best.I had a sit down with her and besides just doing my face she wanted to do body makeup on me because I looked so flat in my dress.I was mortified!Makeup on my body.Then she did it and actually it was amazing and I looked great!You never know though!You have to try them out first!Thanks C at!!!!!

Bobette Kyle-Wagner

Saturday 14th of June 2008

Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa!

Lisa Horwitz

Saturday 14th of June 2008

Your suggestion is an excellent beginning to avoiding this situation. Additionally, I suggest that each person that will be having their makeup done pull out magazine (or other source) photos of makeup looks that they like and would feel comfortable with. That way when you meet with the makeup artist he/she can see the end result everyone hopes to achieve. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. More Magazine is an excellent source for beauty shots of women over 40 years old.