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The Secret to Finding Inexpensive Wedding Shoes

Tips for finding and getting the best deal on your wedding shoes. #MyOnlineWeddingHelp

While having a wedding shop such as David’s Bridal order wedding shoes for the bridal party may be a convenient option that move will likely result in the costliest footwear. The secret to the best selection at the most savings is to go online:

Broader Selection. In addition to the obvious—you have access to more inventory through the Internet–all types of shoes are showing up in weddings these days. You still have the option of purchasing traditional bridal brands like Touch Ups and Dyeables in white satin, of course, but the alternatives are much broader. Color is common for today’s brides and no longer do the bridesmaids’ shoe colors have to match each other or their dresses. Quite often, footwear is an assortment of shades, colors, and styles.

Better Prices. That is good news for you because it means you have more low-cost choices. We all know how to shop around at the local retail stores, but you may not be as experienced in finding online deals. Here are some ideas to help streamline your Web-based wedding-shoe bargain shopping:

  • Check for sale and clearance sections on a shoe seller’s website. There are real deals to be had on name-brand shoes by shopping sales—sometimes more than 50 percent off the regular price (and the deep prices are not always on off-season shoes). You can find links to current sales from some of my favorite affiliated sellers of bridal and dress shoes here.
  • Redeem shoe-seller coupons. Using a coupon online is similar to using one in your local store in that you present your coupon at checkout. The only difference is, online, you type in a special code instead of presenting it to a cashier. Here are current coupons from some of our online shoe store partners you can use now.
  • Stack a coupon on top of a sale. Cha-ching! Some of the best prices can be found by using coupons with sale or clearance items. Shoebuy, for example, gives customers 10 percent off, plus free shipping, when you use coupon code Shoebuy at checkout. Use it when you buy the on-sale evening and bridal shoes here.
  • Buy used wedding shoes. You can find great prices on used-once shoes through online auctions. As mentioned earlier in this section, the best place to look is eBay, but it can take work on your part to cull out the deals; used shoes are mixed in with new shoes selling at normal retail price, plus some of the shipping charges can eat up your savings. I’ve saved you the trouble, here, by showing only used shoes with no shipping charges here.

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