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Tips for Walking in Wedding Heels

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You have found the perfect wedding shoes for the ceremony as well as cute flats to wear outside and at the reception.

There’s only one problem–those to-die-for ceremony heels are much higher than you can gracefully navigation. No fear! There is time to practice and learn. Here are a few tips that will have you gliding down the aisle on the big day:

1) To prevent slipping on slick church or reception floors, scuff or put rough tape on the soles.

2) To get comfortable moving around and to break them in, start with wearing your wedding shoes an hour at a time while you complete light chores inside.

3) Invariably, there will be a few surprises on your wedding day that will require a bit of quick-stepping–altering your stride, quick-stepping, or even moving backwards without stumbling. Practice these moves at various speeds until you can confidently complete them in your heels.

4) Your back will likely be to the audience–and the door–during the ceremony. This means gracefully turning to make your way back down the aisle and out the door. Practice a full 180-degree turnaround so you will be prepared. Here’s how:

  • Imagine it is your wedding day and you are facing the person who is conducting the ceremony.
  • First, pivot halfway around, so that both feet, as well as your body, are facing your new husband, and your weight is on the leg closest to the officiant.
  • Complete the turn by stepping toward the aisle with the foot closest to your guests. At that point, you will be facing your guests and can safely continue walking back down the aisle.

If you would like visual demonstrations, study fashion models as they turn at the end of runways. A search on YouTube or other video Websites will provide several examples.

5) As you walk up or down steps, be sure the entire sole and heel of your shoe are completely over the stair before placing your foot. As you go up the stairs, place your sole and heel on the stair at the same time. As you go down, focus on firmly placing your sole on each step. And hold onto a railing whenever possible.

If you follow the above tips for walking in your bridal heels, you are sure to glide elegantly through your wedding ceremony!