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Ways Others Can Help Make Your Wedding Easier

Making Your Wedding Easier

No matter how you plan your wedding, it takes a lot of people to make it happen: vendors, other wedding professionals, family, friends, and yourself. The way you combine their available skills will determine how well your day fits both your dream and your budget. Ideally, you hit the mark on both accounts. Here are a few tips to help make it happen:

Think “beginning talent.” Those just getting into their business are often eager for referrals and opportunities to expand their portfolios. Find young professionals whose work you are in love with and offer them a deal: a discount in exchange for your testimonials and unlimited use of your wedding in their promotional materials.

Ask for services as gifts. If you have friends or relatives who are in the business or simply very creative, ask them to help with your wedding as their wedding gift. This can help save your wedding budget and cut down on their cost as well. The only drawback is, if this requires them to work during your wedding (i.e. coordinating, taking photos, shooting video, providing entertainment, or serving food), they may miss out on the festivities.

Hire a day-of or month-of coordinator. There are significant advantages to having a wedding planner. The simple fact may be, however, your budget may not be able to handle a full service plan. Instead, opt for a-la-carte. Having someone to coordinate certain aspects of the wedding can be a real stress reliever.

Assign tasks according to creative strengths. Family and friends will volunteer to help. Because each will have different abilities, your best wedding will happen if you match each person’s strongest capabilities with corresponding projects. If your sister loves to decorate, for example, let her handle sourcing ideas for and organizing guest table decor.

Share with another bride. If you are having a wedding on the same day in the same place, think about splitting the cost of decorations then both of you use them. One handles set up, the other take down. It could save money and time for both of you.