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How to Break in Shoes Comment

How to break in shoes. #myonlineweddinghelp

Today’s Shoes Week post is to help keep your feet comfortable through out the day and night.

We have all had the misfortune of buying a new pair of shoes, then, forgetting to break them in before the event for which they were purchased. Don’t make that mistake with your wedding shoes. Blisters on your wedding day are not fun.

A few hours wear around the house will certainly help, but most experts recommend a longer break-in period, especially if you are not accustomed to wearing the type of bridal shoe you’ve chosen. Techniques that have helped others include these how-to tips:

  • Wear your shoes off and on around the house for three or four weeks. This will help break them in gradually.
  • For an even better breaking in, start with wearing your wedding shoes an hour at a time while you complete light chores inside. (Avoid the outdoors; you don’t want to soil the shoes.)
  • When the shoes are comfortable after an hour’s wear, begin keeping them on until they hurt.
  • Gradually increase the time over a month until you can wear your bridal shoes for several hours with no blisters.

As you break in the shoes, you may find certain areas are a bit more uncomfortable. In this case, you can add extra support or cushioning. You can find several different brands of each:

  • If your heel slips, add back of heel cushions inside the shoe.
  • For more comfort at the balls of your feet or soles, buy cushioned insoles.
  • Use bunion pads or gel dots to relieve chafing in specific areas.
  • If the shoe is too tight around, consider using a shoe stretcher on it.

By following the steps above, your shoes will feel like old friends by your wedding day!

Explore our women’s shoes section┬áto find your perfect shoes early so you can start breaking them in!

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