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Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride

Getting married is like buying a house; it’s a major milestone in life, and almost always, there is initial sticker shock. (“It costs how much?”) Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride is for those who cannot afford the average cost of a wedding or want to spend less. You will find:
Planning a wedding on a budget? This ebook was written for you. 300+ tips and ideas for saving money.

  • 7 secrets that will equip you with a toolkit for getting the best value from every aspect of your wedding.
  • Over 300 tips and ideas designed to keep both the dream and piggy bank intact as well as jump-start your own creative ideas.
  • Each topic includes tips for saving on do-it-yourself (DIY), full-service, and blended options, plus how to decide which are the right choices for you.
  • 7 ways your wedding funds can actually earn more money.
  • A concise, to-the-point format designed to help you quickly and efficiently “get to the meat” of each topic and start saving.
  • Links to updated blog posts, tutorials, products, inspiration boards, and deals on the author’s website to help you learn more about a topic and easily find bargains.

“Having tied the knot myself only a few months ago I can tell you first hand that yes, you might be able to stumble on these techniques on the wedding websites and yeah, you might have a friend or two that’s a veteran of the process and willing to share a few tips with you, but is all that searching around necessary when you can spend a few dollars on a title like this one and have all the tricks in one place?

Not only is this a well-organized book that I could see being easy to reference when needed, but the tips Bobette shares are well articulated and the positives and negatives of each are explained in easy to understand language that you probably won’t find in that hastily written Top Ten Ways to Save on Blah article you just googled.”

~ Jessica Leibovitz, To The Point Review

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To start you off on the road to savings, your first bargain is this ebook, value priced at half the cost of comparable books…

$4.99 Suggested Retail

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“Bobette Kyle is neither a wedding planner nor professional. Perhaps this is her best advertisement: Dream Wedding on a Dime thus comes from an ordinary bride with a $5K budget for her wedding, and it reflects her bargain-hunting skills and real-world experiences; not the advice of a professional primarily interested in expensive options.”

~Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

 “…easy to read and makes sense of things that are usually foreign to most newly engaged women who have so much on their minds. This can make planning much less stressful.”

~Annie Hicks, Portland Book Review

 “With the prices of today’s weddings skyrocketing ~ this is a great down to earth resource for the couple who wants a nice day but doesn’t want to pay exorbitant prices for everything involved.”

~Mississippi Mama and Grandma

“…  this reference would make an excellent starting point that would get even the most clueless among us up to speed quickly … if you’re just starting out, or looking for a gift for someone who recently got engaged, this one definitely deserves your attention.” 

~ Jessica Leibovitz, To The Point Review

“The book is straight and simple. It is written in a manner that it is very easily understandable. The author takes you through it in a methodical manner, giving the planners an idea on how to go about it in a way that will reduce your tension to a large extent. I was very impressed with the book. The author has done a lot of research in writing this and it shows.”

~ Mamta Madhavan, Reader’s Favorite

 “… author Bobette Kyle draws upon her strategic-planning and bargain-finding background to steer brides through the overwhelming process of planning a low-cost wedding.”

~Connecticut Lifestyles

$4.99 Suggested Retail