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Wedding favors tutorials.

DIY Personalized Glitter Wine Glasses. 5 Steps!

These personalized glitter wine glasses make fancy favors or gifts for someone special. And the outside is sealed, so no shedding mess! Glitter dipped wine glasses are all the rage right now. But they are everywhere and I figured it’s time to expand our horizons! I asked myself, “What other ways are there to use …

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DIY Bling Wedding Invitations

For many looking to DIY their own wedding invitations, striking a balance between elegance and simplicity can be difficult. First you must find a professional looking template (hint: pay a few dollars for one created by a good graphic artist), then effectively print and finish them. Today’s tutorial, provided courtesy of the oh-so-talented Anna Skye …

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Creating Homemade Wedding Invitations

If you are looking for a way to save money on wedding invitations, there are a few options. One is to shop for cheap wedding invitations (all of these are under $2.00 each). Another is to make your own. For around 40-50 cents each you can buy blank, flat invitations with elegant translucent vellum over sheets. …

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