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Consider Different Metals for your Mans Wedding Ring

Mans wedding ring metalsQuestion 5 when shopping for mens wedding rings is: Which metal and style do I prefer?

Many men like plain gold bands, with or without a design element, such as a braid, an inlay of a second metal, or engraving. But that is often because they don’t know how many choices there are in metals. Gold comes in yellow, white, and rose or peach. Platinum is white, more expensive than gold, and sometimes easier to bend out of shape. Titanium is high tech and strong. Tungsten carbide — black or steel grey in color — is another strong, high-tech metal used in men’s wedding bands. Sterling silver and stainless steel are options for those on a tight budget.

For men who like the latest in technology, that can also be found in how the ring is made, including wave styles or fusion rings that bring together different colors of gold in unusual patterns. Combining metals creates exquisite designs and different shapes, such as jigsaw or puzzle rings, Celtic knots, Claddagh rings, and other uniquely cultural styles.

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Friday 4th of April 2008

My husband has been through 3 metals so far - tungsten carbide was the final winner in durability and hypoallergenics!

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