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Back Jewelry for Backless Gowns

Back jewelry pearlsIf your gown is low cut in the back, or altogether backless, you may want to dress it up with back jewelry. Your back, after all, will be to your guests during most of the ceremony. Back-drape necklaces, with varying length chains or other back drapes can be stunning, but you do not have to wear a necklace made specifically for the back to cause a splash. Some ideas:

– An opera-length necklace or strands of pearls can be draped down your back for a formal look.
– Attach a pendant or pin to the clasp of a long chain or pearls and let it fall between your shoulderblades or lower.
– A bridal jewelry lariat (which is a necklace with an ornamental piece hanging down the back) will add interest to a bare back. Some long front-lariat designs can be worn backwards to add sparkle down the back.
– Bridal chokers often come with a long back drop or can be custom-made to include one.

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