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Part 2 Walking in Heels: Learn the Nuances

In Part 1, we went over the basics, getting used to wearing and moving in high heels. Today, for steps 5 through 7, you will gain grace as you move around in the shoes.
How to walk in high heels. #myonlineweddinghelp
(As a sidebar, special thanks to my friend Bobbi Linkemer of, who originally ghost-wrote some of these tips for the website’s original shoes section.  At the moment she’s off to Florida, where her daughter and son-in-law live, for knee surgery. When I wrote her about Shoes Week, she said she’d have to read it, because she had no idea what I could find to talk about for seven days! Lol, Decided to let it be a surprise that it’s partially what *she* said. ~Bobette)

Anyway, without further ado…

Step 5: Move around on different surfaces and under different conditions.

Because you will encounter many walking surfaces on your wedding day, it is best to practice walking in your bridal heels on bumpy, smooth, soft, hard, and sloped surfaces. To avoid ruining your bridal shoes before your wedding, wear a pair with the same height heels to practice your moves on grass or other surfaces. As you rehearse, realize that you will also be standing, sitting, bending, and stooping. Try to incorporate all of these other moves into your sessions.

Step 6: Practice walking up and down stairs.

Falling, as you walk up or down steps, can mean much more than an embarrassing moment. To avoid an unscheduled trip to the emergency room, get plenty of practice before your wedding day. When at all possible, hold on to a railing for added support and balance. Whether you are ascending and descending, be sure the entire sole and heel of your shoe are completely over the stair before placing your foot. As you go up the stairs, place your sole and heel on the stair at the same time. As you go down, focus on firmly placing your sole on each step.

Step 7: Build stamina and practice.

Once you are comfortable moving around, it is time to build stamina so you can comfortably remain in your heels as long as needed. Wear your actual bridal shoes during practice so that you can break them in while you learning to walk. Remember your posture. Stand up straight and tall as you get comfortable in your shoes. Simulate the moves you will be making throughout your day: walking, turning, going up and down steps, moving sideways, and stepping back.

Does this seem like a like of work? Well, think of it this way: Practice makes for comfort. When you are able to wear your wedding heels for several hours under different conditions, you know your big day will end with pain-free feet. That’s one less thing to worry about!

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