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Wedding Shoes Throughout History

The bride’s shoes have been a source of fashion, and discomfort, throughout history. Historically, in Anglo-Saxon or European weddings, the bride — considered a cherished piece of property — was handed down from the father to her new husband. To signify this passage of ownership and responsibility, the father gave the bridegroom one of the bride’s old shoes. Variations on this tradition included the bridegroom keeping his foot on the bridal shoe throughout the marriage ceremony or tapping the bride’s forehead with one of her shoes (One can only imagine what the modern bride would do with that shoe). On a more positive note, a penny or sixpence was often placed in the left bridal shoe to assure a happy and wealthy marriage. It may surprise you to learn that the old adage “something old, something new…” originally ended with the line “a silver sixpence in her shoe.”
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