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A Welcoming Winter Wedding

A Welcoming Winter Wedding 1If you are planning a cold-weather wedding, you will probably want to take a few steps to make sure your guests are comfortable. Here, Guy Antonelli gives you several tips, plus tells you how to avoid a few pitfalls you may not have thought about….

The first impression that your guests receive when they arrive at your wedding will last throughout the celebration. There are some little things which you can do to ensure that the first impression your guests have is one of warmth, hospitality, and welcome. These are some simple details which will add a welcoming tone to your winter wedding.

Winter means cold, and few people like feeling cold! A great way to make your guests feel pampered upon arrival at your winter wedding is to greet them with a hot drink station. It could be a selection of gourmet teas, served in the traditional fashion with sugar lumps, honey, lemon, or milk in elegant china. The station could feature cozy hot chocolate made from a rich drinking chocolate served in oversized mugs with big gourmet marshmallows. Or it could be a selection of hot toddies and spiced cider to chase the chills away. Whatever you choose for your hot drinks station, it will instantly help your guests to feel cozy and get settled in to your wedding. At some weddings, the pre-wedding drink station also involves a mini-cocktail hour feel, complete with appetizers or little sweets, and the bride in her gown and crystal bridal jewelry greeting guests with her groom (as long as the couple is not superstitious!).

Something else that cold weather means is coats. This is one of those details that a summer bride does not even have to think about, but if you are having a winter wedding, you need a place for guests to keep their coats. A true coat check with an attendant (or several, depending on the size of your guest list) is an excellent amenity to offer your guests. It is customary for coat check attendants to be tipped, but when someone is your guest, they should not have to do any tipping; the hosts of the wedding should tip the coat check attendants, and place a discreet sign by the coat closet informing guests that no gratuities are expected. By the way, if you are having a smaller wedding or one at home, you can set up an informal coat closet by renting rolling racks and heavy wooden hangers. Place them in a foyer or a spare room not being used for the celebration. Hire a niece or nephew to help guests with their coats.

A roaring fire is always inviting on a chilly winter day. If your wedding venue happens to have a working fireplace, by all means use it! When a fireplace is not available, look into the possibility of renting a portable one. There are all kinds of styles available, from those with a very traditional mantel to modern closed fire pits. Choose the style which best complements your venue and your wedding style. So if you are wearing a sleek gown with hip crystal bridal jewelry, choose the modern streamlined closed fire pit, or if your venue is very old-fashioned, opt for a fireplace with a classic wide mantel. These portable fireplaces are designed to be very safe, but of course you will need to clear it with your venue before renting one for your wedding. If there is no fireplace option, create a cozy glow using masses of lanterns with candles all throughout the venue.

Music is another way to make people feel welcome. For a winter wedding, it would be a really fun detail to have traditional carolers singing wintery songs greet guests as they arrive at the venue. If you live in a place where the winter days are very cold, be sure to station your carolers in an indoor spot, such as a spacious foyer. Can’t track down any old-fashioned carolers? Check out a local college to see if they have an a capella singing group to hire for an hour’s performance. Greeting your guests with song is a wonderful way to make them feel welcome at your winter wedding.

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