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Titanium Wedding Rings for Men

Titanium Wedding Rings for Men 1
We have just finished upgrading the men’s wedding band section to display 13 categories of rings from our hundreds of merchants. Throughout the section, there are also tips to help you better use the product search feature. (Sidebar: By “we” I mean Caley at BizEase Support Solutions and me, with occasional help from Shadow.)

Everyone is familiar with gold, but one more economical and durable metal is often overlooked–titanium. Some benefits you may be surprised to know:

  • It is hypoallergenic, making titanium in its purest form an option for those with metal allergies.
  • Because it is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, metal alloy (about ten times stronger than gold), a titanium wedding band will stand up on the job site or other labor-intensive setting.
  • Titanium rings can be very inexpensive, with prices beginning at around $30.

Titanium can appear polished or sport a duller, “brushed” surface (left and center above), depending on the ring’s design and composition. Because of their ability to withstand pressure, you will find uniquely designed bands with inlays of ceramic, cable, or another metal (ring on right).

About the rings above (left to right).

Top 100 Wedding Rings: Kingston Titanium Wedding Ring, $200.00

Zenga: Unisex Red Garnet Titanium Wedding Band Ring, $34.99

Golden Mine: Double Cable Inlay Grooved Black Titanium Band, $54.95

Titanium Wedding Rings for Men 2
Titanium Wedding Rings for Men 3