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Bun wraps, halos, and wreaths

Bridal Wreath HeadbandIf you like the tiara concept — how it encircles the hair — but it doesn’t create quite the look you want, consider a similar headpiece. Bun wraps, halos, and wreaths are all ring-shaped headpieces that encircle your head or hair. Wreaths are made of roses or other flowers, while bun wraps and halos consist of rhinestones, crystals, pearls, beading or other adornments. Like most headpieces, you can wear them with or without a veil. Each are worn a bit differently, creating distinctive looks. Bun wraps surround a bun or a structured updo. Halos can be worn around a bridal updo like the bun wrap, around upswept curls or atop short hair. You can wear a wreath in a similar fashion or even down across your forehead.

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