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Expressing Love, Joy, and Passion

From My Online Wedding Help Publisher Bobette Kyle: I recently met a wonderfully multi-talented woman who, by coincidence, lives very near me in a St. Louis suburb. Deborah Weltman publishes a deck of nifty cards designed to “guide and bless your day” by asking “What if…” A wedding, of course, is the beginning of a new universe of what ifs–not only in the couple’s lives, but in their families’ lives as well.

Here is one of her card. It is especially applicable to a couple as they embark on their new lives. Here’s Deborah…

The “What If…?” Cards provide an alternative thought process for the day. In choosing a daily card you are offered a new context to think through the events of your day, to handle an uncomfortable situation, to work with a difficult person, an unpleasant activity, a fear…or an opportunity! 

Today’s card:  What if…I no longer hold back all the love, joy, and passion that I feel?

Expressing Love, Joy, and Passion 1

Whether this is the time leading up to your wedding or the special day itself, there are always opportunities to share love, joy, and passion:

◌ to tell your parents how meaningful their support and encouragement is to you at this hectic time…

◌ to share with friends how happy you are (and how scared) and to know that your friends love you and will be there to hold your hand/ to have your back…

◌ to share with your beloved how excited you are by the bliss, the closeness and the intimacy that will be your wedded life experience.

◌ If you are feeling especially emotional, share that. Ditto: excited, floating on air, freaked out, overwhelmed…

Whatever you are feeling, share it, not as a burden for the receiver, but as an intimacy, a bonding, as a shared experience. It is important to say that you are sharing as a form of bonding, of being intimate, especially if what you are sharing is about a high level of personal anxiety.

Suppose you are sharing this with your fiancé. Rather than making it sound like you are wanting to back out of getting married, this could become a discussion of your mutual fears and concerns…and an opportunity to creative problem solve together, to feel more emotionally bonded, to learn about each other and grow together in love and trust.

The point is: DON’T HOLD BACK. Say what’s on your mind, in your heart, that which you feel passionate about, that which concerns you, but, whatever you share, it must come from your most loving self! Really feel your heart fill with love. Ask for the most kind and loving words to come from your mouth (yes, prayers are A-OK). Ask that each day bring you and all your loved ones to more intimate, joy-filled relationships.

Here is a Buddhist meditation to help get you into this loving, passionate, and compassionate place. Put the name of the person you will be talking and sharing with in each of the blank spaces. In your mind’s eye, imagine this person receiving all of this.

May______ be filled with loving-kindness.
May______ be well.
May______ be peaceful and at ease.
May______ be happy.

You may say this over and over to yourself until your heart feels full. Then share…

To read more “What If…?” Cards and to order your own deck, which make great gifts for your wedding party, go to: