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Farm Weddings

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Calling all nature lovers! Why get married in a stuffy hotel ballroom when you love the great outdoors? For anyone looking for a unique outdoor wedding site, consider having your event on a local farm.

There are all different types of farms that host special events. There are historical farms, orchards, farms with animals or farms without animals, dairy farms, berry farms, and more. For anyone interested in having their wedding at a farm, you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly.

Many farms routinely rent out their meadows for special events. The advantage to finding one of those is that they will have experience in being a wedding venue. The manager will know which areas work best for the tents, where the best views are at each time of the day, how to set up the facilities out of sight, and so forth. Of course, if you have a farm in your family, you would probably want to have your wedding on that property.

Weddings held on farms are obviously best suited for a bride and groom who love nature and animals, and who like the idea of a more relaxed wedding. You will want to adapt the wedding style to fit the location. A wedding on a farm should be fresh, inviting, and informal.

A great way to set the tone for your wedding is to pick a motif related to the site you have chosen. For instance, if you are getting married at an apple orchard in autumn, you could use an apple motif on your invitations. A beautiful letterpress design would be in keeping with the more homey feeling of a farm.

Other design elements that would work very well for a farm wedding are things like gingham ribbon accents, big glass jars of fresh-squeezed lemonade, and favors that reflect the specialty of the farm. A very stiff looking fondant cake would not be the right style; a better choice would be a softer, more homemade looking cake with buttercream, or even a collection of fresh fruit pies.

The bride and groom will want to choose wedding attire that is appropriate for the farm. That doesn’t have to mean overalls and Wellies, just look for styles that have a relaxed feeling. For the groom, a khaki suit would be a nice alternative to a tuxedo or dark suit.

There are many wonderful choices for the bride. She could opt for a soft floaty organza gown, perhaps with handmade fabric flower details. Another excellent choice would be a linen wedding dress. This would also be a great setting to consider wearing a wedding dress that is tea length, or at least one without a long train. Keep your accessories simple; a set of handmade wedding jewelry and a veil would be lovely. Choosing wedding jewelry that is handmade will be in keeping with the outdoorsy environment.

With so many great choices, a couple can get married almost anywhere these days. If you are a nature lover, definitely look into having your wedding on a farm. Who knows, you may even be able to ride a horse or a llama down the aisle!

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