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37 Non-Traditional Wedding Favor Ideas You’ll Adore

Wedding favors can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of a wedding for both you and the guests. Non-Traditional wedding favors are becoming more common as they provide an excellent opportunity to add a personal flair to your wedding.

And they do not have to be a blow to your wedding budget. Many are DIY-able or cost very little to buy.

37 Unique Nontraditional Wedding Favor Ideas

There are many options for unconventional wedding favors, some with added benefits.
Some can save you money by serving dual purposes.

For example, edible favors can also serve as centerpieces, dessert, or decoration. Even flower arrangements can be disassembled later into smaller bouquets and passed out to guests.


Here are more than 35 non-traditional wedding favor ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect gifts for your guests. Scroll through the post to see them in order or click on each in the Table of Contents below.

Note: As with most My Online Wedding Help links, the links in this post go to the site’s shop section or to a merchant website. That said, THE CHOICES HERE ARE MY OWN. No one paid or asked to be listed here. My Online Wedding Help will receive a small commission from the merchant at no added cost to you if you click and buy a product.

Gifts For The Home

The number one criticism of traditional wedding favors is uselessness. So why not give guests something they can enjoy when they get back home?

Below are eight ideas for home-use guest gifts to give at your wedding reception. Look for links to get more information about and purchase each.


1. Custom Soap Favors

Small, handmade bars of soap like those made and sold by Holly are a simple gift your guests will love. There are several label designs and fragrances to choose from, and many other products in their shop.

If you are unsure which scent to choose, you might consider buying a soap ends sample box first.

Soap Favors with Custom Label


2. Personalized Candle Favors

Like soap, candles are a simple but practical gift. You could buy cheap candles in bulk and customize them yourself, or buy some premade from a shop. Monika, who runs TheDancingWick shop, makes some fantastic jarred candles with custom labels. Her custom boxes are perfect for members of the wedding party, as well.

Personalized Candle Favors


3. Elegant, Upscale Bath Bombs

Jennifer of FifiandKikisBathCo makes the most gorgeous, upscale bath bombs. She adds elegance with a sprinkle of rose petals and gold decadence on top. Her best-selling, pink, and rose-gold wedding favors will intrigue guests.

If pink clashes with your colors, the wedding day design is for you. Jennifer begins with an ivory bath bomb, then adds a dusting of sparkly mica powder over rose petals.

Personalized Bath Bomb Favors


4. Eco-Friendly Packaged Seeds

Seeds packaged in small envelopes or kraft paper are a great gift to complement an outdoor wedding. It can be a low-cost and quick DIY wedding favor. To save the time and tenacity of creating your own packaging, you can buy seed bags in Abby’s original designs here

You can also choose her filled and assembled custom-made seed packets.

Wedding Favor Seed Packets


5. Cute Planted Succulents

Almost everyone loves succulents, and they are so easy to care for! The slow way is to buy the succulent plants in bulk and create favors yourself.

To save time, there are also many pre-assembled options out there. Like these adorable Succulents in Tin Pails made by Marieke.

Double Duty Wedding Reception Idea: These favors can double as place settings and table decor. So cute.

Succulent Wedding Favors - Table Place Settings


6. Soothing Lavender Wedding Favors

There is nothing quite like the smell of lavender to soothe and calm you after a long day. Which makes the flower a natural send-off for your guests.

Handmade sachets of fresh lavender like those made by Pauhana are a gift that your guests will love.

Lavender Wedding Favors


7. Unconventional Air Plants

Few people have even heard of Air Plants, which can make them a non-traditional and unique guest gift. Air Plants don’t require soil, but instead, absorb nutrients from the air around them.

Jessica at AnsonDesign had the unique idea of placing air plants in small pieces of locally sourced driftwood and turning them into magnets! How amazing is that?

Unique Wedding Favors - Air Plant and Driftwood Refrigerator Magnets


8. Unique Lip Balm Tins

Lip Balm is another practical gift that especially the women at your wedding will appreciate. Take it a step further with handmade lip balm tins.

There are many different flavors available. Mary makes these Organic Lip Balm tins with pure, organic ingredients.

Lip Balm Wedding Favors


Edible Wedding Favors

You can never go wrong with edible wedding favors. Here is a baker’s dozen of ideas to inspire you. (See what we did there? ≖_≖)

9. DIY Candy Wedding Favors

It’s easy to take a simple gift and make it elegant if you DIY. One idea that is becoming more popular is to have a ‘candy buffet’ type table for your guests with small personalized take-home bags.

But if you want something more refined, why not make little personalized packages for your special guests. You can buy some bulk candy and containers such as these Sweet Endings Acrylic Favor Boxes and fill them up before sealing them with a personalized label.

DIY Candy Favors. Boxes



10. Popcorn Wedding Favors

If candy is a little too sweet for your taste, why not make popcorn wedding favors for the reception instead? Bill and Peggy make cute mini customized popcorn boxes with everything you need. Just add the popcorn!

You could have them made and displayed on a table ahead of time, but a unique idea would be to have a popcorn cart with fresh popcorn and have them boxed and bagged for guests as they leave.

Or make Blessed Beyond Crazy’s Festive Popcorn Balls for your wedding guests to munch.

DIY Popcorn Wedding Favors


11. DIY Cookie Favors

Who doesn’t love a fresh-baked cookie? The great part about this idea is you can have as many varieties as you want.

There are even options for those who are on a more restrictive diet. Set up a self-service table or have someone available to package them into these custom, lined cookie bags from Kendra and Tara. They have many designs you can choose from.

DIY Cookie Wedding Favors


12. Hot Chocolate Favors

If you are having a fall or winter wedding, why not give your guests the gift of a warm mug of gourmet hot cocoa?

The hot, modern way to cocoa is with a hot chocolate bomb! You can make your own with chocolate bomb molds, of course.

Or buy them already made. Heather makes and sells the ones pictured below in several flavors. Learn more or buy through this link




Or go the most traditional route done in an unconventional way. These custom-labeled hot cocoa pouches made by AnnualDelights will display perfectly at your wedding, and taste delicious once prepared. 

Hot Chocolate Favors


13. DIY S’more Favors

Nearly everyone loves s’mores and they are so fun to make! They are a natural for outdoor dessert stations.

I have a great, simple tutorial on how I made s’more favor ‘kits’ as a centerpiece display that doubled as a wedding favor. Or buy bags, tags, and ties from Merry.

DIY Smore Centerpiece Favors. Unique Wedding Favors Idea No. 13


14. Maple Syrup Bottle Favors

Whether you love breakfast or just want a sweet gift for your guests, real maple syrup might do the trick. Lyle and Martina bottle pure, michigan maple syrup into little glass nip bottles to create an elegant and tasty gift your guests will love.

I think they would look amazing with custom engraved wooden maple leaf tags (like the ones made by Alicia at WeddingAppeal) attached to the neck of each bottle.

Bottled Maple Syrup Favors with Wooden Leaf Tags


15. Mini Liquor Bottle Favors

A great alternative to the classic wedding “open bar” would be an assortment of mini liquor types that can be displayed instead of having a bartender. Another idea is to choose your favorite liquors as favors on the guest tables.

Either way, you can dress up the bottles with custom tags like these, made by Brandy at BrandyWPrints.

You can even completely DIY these favors.  Buy empty miniature bottles here. Then get custom mini-bottle labels from Ana and Natalia of WrapItUpWrapper.

Mini Liquor Bottle Wedding Favors


16. Little Jars of Honey Favors

Something about pure natural honey can elevate just about any food or drink. Forget the store-bought commercial brands. Annette jars several flavors of honey and adds a burlap topper, personalized label, and raffia ribbon. The cute little wooden dipper makes this guest gift extra special.

Little Honey Jar Wedding Favors


17. Authentic Greek Olive Oil Favors

Olive oil can be found in just about every kitchen, but there is still a way to make a unique gift from something common. Alice from TheGreekPantry fills cute little bottles with Olive Oil from their own grove in Greece. She even offers over 20 different flavor infusion options! 

Infused Olive Oil Wedding Favors


18. Loose-Leaf Tea Mix Favors

Tea bag wedding favors have been popular for a while. But, if you want an exquisite gift gift, consider a handmade mix of loose-leaf tea for your guests. CustomFavours makes these unique tubes filled with loose-leaf tea that look amazing laid out on the guest tables.

Loose Leaf Tea Favors


19. DIY Coffee Bean Favors

Do you know a great local coffee shop? Or maybe know where to source an exotic blend? Sterling makes these simple but beautiful custom bags to fill with your own choice of coffee bean. Need little sealable plastic bags for freshness? She has you covered for those, too.

DIY Coffee Bean Favors


20. Infused Sea Salt Favors

Salt, the most common food additive. But it doesn’t have to be boring! Find some small glass jars or tubes and fill with an exotic sea salt or an ‘infused’ gourmet salt, and you have a gift your guests will go crazy for!

Sean at OldTownSpiceShop has some flavor options that sound amazing. How about saffron salt or roasted garlic salt? Maybe an assortment of different flavors for your guests to choose from.

To finish these DIY favors, bottle the infused sea salt in ThreeTwo1’s personalized cork jars.

Sea Salt Wedding Favors


21. DIY Chocolate Favors

This is another opportunity for an easy DIY project. Rosy makes these small boxes in clear or matte that you can customize.  Complete the elegant look by filling with your favorite brand of gourmet chocolates, like these Lindt truffles

DIY Chocolate Wedding Favors


Seasonal Wedding Favors

Another way to come up with non-traditional wedding favor ideas is to think about the season. Fall, winter, summer, and spring each have a unique identity or guest needs. Plan your favors around those.

22. Pashmina Shawl Wraps

Shawls or wraps are a lovely gift, especially if your wedding will be during the colder months. These beautiful, handmade pashmina shawls by MiaKrafts will help keep your guests warm and can add a unique ‘dress’ element to your wedding theme.

Pashmina Wraps for Wedding Guests


23. Folding Fan Favors

Give your spring or summer wedding a ‘classy’ look by gifting your guests wedding favor fans from TaaraBazaar. This will help keep guests cool if the weather is hot. And the best part, these fan wedding favors are cheap to buy!

Folding Fan Wedding Favors


24. Personalized Wedding Sunglasses Favors

These make great guest favors or wedding party gifts for outdoor or beach theme weddings. Keep the sun out of everyone’s eyes and add a personal touch at the same time. Jordyn has these personalized sunglasses available in several colors and font styles.

Personalized Wedding Sunglasses Favors


Small, Novelty Gifts

Novelty wedding favors can sometimes be the best type. Often, guests will use them at the reception. Or, these can be small trinkets to take home and use. 

25. Personalized Wedding Cups

Audrey and Brenda make these personalized shatterproof plastic cups that can be used during the wedding. Afterward, they can be taken home by your guests and used for years to come.

Personalized Wedding Cups


26. Wine Glass Wedding Favors

If plastic cups are a little too casual for your tastes, these personalized etched wine glasses from Tyler at EverythingEtched might be more your style. Alternatively, you can buy plain wine glasses and add an elegant adornment such as these wine glass charm favors made by Erika at EBDesignShop.

Etched Wedding Wine Glasses and Wine Glass Charm Favors


27. Wedding Can Koozies

If you are planning on having beer or soda cans at your wedding, you can always ‘dress’ them up with these personalized wedding can coolers from Melissa. She has tons of colors and designs to choose from. And she sends free bride and groom coolers with every order.

Personalized Wedding Can Koozies


28. Wedding Glow Wands

If your wedding or reception is going to run into the night, then definitely want some light up or glow products to keep the party going. One excellent option is to grab some light-up LED foam wands to pass out when the sun sets, or you dim the lights. If you get them from EXglow, you can even add a personal message to them.

Flashing Wedding Glow Wands made from Foam


29. Wedding Coordinates Keychain

There are so many keychain designs to choose from that almost anyone can find something to suit their tastes. I found these very simple and elegant keychains that are stamped with the coordinates where the ceremony took place and the initials of the couple. Alison of StampedImpressionsCO makes them. She offers different fonts and stamped designs, as well.

Wedding Coordinates Keychain Favor


30. Country Tea Lights

Backyard and other outdoor weddings are trending. Which means these rustic tea lights made from wood slices are an ideal guest wedding favor idea! They come with a box and tag. Learn more or buy them >>



31. Personalized Wedding Coasters

Another great alternative to custom glassware is these custom wooden drink coasters. Josh and Hannah make these and other custom engraved items, including a matching cutting board.

Tip: Use the matching board to serve cheese or other food items. This use of the same design throughout the event can make your wedding more luxury-looking. As a bonus, you can use the cutting board in your home later.

Custom Wooden Wedding Coasters and Matching Cutting Board


32. Personalized Bamboo Chopsticks

If you a planning an Asian themed wedding, or are having the cuisine, then you’ll almost certainly want to offer your guests chopsticks in addition to the typical silverware. Don’t let the chance to add elegance to your wedding go to waste! Engraved chopsticks like these will be a huge hit, and guests will cherish them for years to come.

Custom Wedding Chopsticks


33. Personalized Matches Favors

Boxed matches are a small but very useful gift to give your guests. Disperse them around the tables at your wedding for lighting candles, cigars, or just as a small keepsake. Chris and Amanda offer these personalized matchboxes with matches in lots of color options to match any wedding theme.

Personalized Wedding Matches


34. Unique Personalized Bottle Opener Favor

Finally, a practical gift the men at the wedding can appreciate. These engraved, wooden circle bottle openers are sure to impress your guests. You could have some made with a general message such as the date and your last name, and then others specially made for those extra special guests.

Personalized Round Bottle Opener Favor


Other Unique Non-Traditional Wedding Favor Ideas

35. Charitable Donation

Instead of spending money on little items, why not instead donate the money to a good cause? You can put it toward a cause close to your heart or take requests from your guests. Make it extra special by having formal cards printed and placed on your guest’s table telling them a donation has been made in their name. 

Belle has this beautiful donation card template available that will allow you to DIY your own cards with just a printer and some paper. There are many templates out there, or you could easily make your own to save money.

To find reputable charities, search Charity Navigator for non-profit rating scores and details.

Charitable Donation in Lieu of Favors


36. Lottery Ticket Guest Gifts

On your wedding day, you’re already a winner! So give your guests a chance to hit the jackpot. There are many options. You could put scratch-off tickets into small personalized envelopes like these created by Abby and Izzie. Or maybe pass out number tickets and have a raffle drawing for prizes. 

Lottery Ticket Scratch Off Favors


37. Single-Use Camera Wedding Favors

Maybe my favorite idea is to dual-purpose your wedding favors as extra wedding photography! Each table gets a single-use disposable camera along with a scavenger hunt type checklist of things to snap a picture of. There are checklist templates available, but you can easily DIY!

Single Use Camera Wedding Favors

More Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Read these other posts for more inspiration on how to make your unconventional wedding a unique success. 

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