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Wedding Ideas

Wedding IdeasIf you are like many newly engaged people, your thoughts about wedding planning can be summed up in one word: clueless. You may have feelings about specific aspects of your wedding, but detailed wedding ideas are probably few. After deciding on the date and dreaming over a few wedding dresses, you will want to decide what type of wedding you want.

There is, of course, the traditional formal wedding (held in the evening, with flowing gown, long bridesmaid dresses, and tuxedo-ed groomsmen). Or the less formal one (in a church, daytime, shorter gowns, suits for the guys). But for the adventuresome spirit, the choices are much broader. Here are some ideas for less traditional wedding ceremonies:

Outside venues. Beautiful, outdoor weddings can be held in a garden, under a gazebo, in the middle of a field, or any other setting you desire. Your home city is likely to have several places to hold an outdoor wedding (a few St. Louis, Missouri outdoor wedding venues are here). Destination weddings are also often held outdoors.
Destination weddings. A common practice today is traveling to the honeymoon destination and holding the ceremony there. Most popular vacation spots are also good for destination weddings – in a Las Vegas chapel (that’s what Tim & I did), in the tropics, on a beach, in a vineyard, on a cruise liner, in a castle, aboard a yacht, and on top of a mountain are a few destination wedding ideas. Numerous travel agencies specialize in destination weddings.
Themed weddings. Decorations, attire, favors, music, and other elements of your wedding can center around a certain theme. Seasonal themes are popular (Fall, Winter, etc.), for example. Your wedding them can also revolve around your cultural heritage, a holiday, a hobby, or other interest. Visit the themed favors shopping section for more wedding theme ideas.