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5 More Creative Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

5 More Creative Ways to Save Money on your Wedding |

When it comes to items for your wedding, there several routes that can help you save money. In addition to the Five Rules for Planning Your DIY-Budget Wedding  there are five additional steps you can take. Here are all 10.

Saving Tips

Rent Wisely
The list of items you can rent for a wedding is almost endless. From a limited-budget point of view, some are worth it. Others, not so much. The secret is selective focus; choose items that give you the most “bang for your buck.” Here are some ideas to add expensive-looking glamour to your wedding through rentals, at relatively low cost.

  • Gobo. This is a lighted image projected onto the dance floor, wall, or ceiling. One custom-made with your stylized names or monogram, along with a projector, is all it takes to add ambiance far beyond the cost.
  • Up Lighting. Up lights are large colored led spotlights designed to sit at the base of or hang on a wall. Point them up toward the ceiling and the effect is phenomenal and can literally change a very plain room into something phenomenal. Renting a few for the behind the head table can add major wow factor to the wedding reception.
  • A manzanita or crystal tree. While you can relatively economically piece together small versions on your own (with individual tree branches  and strands of crystal), the large one get pricey very quickly. Renting a single tree for your escort or card box table or as a wishing tree is a fancy, yet low cost, option. (Sidebar: For tabletop tree inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board here. )

Think outside the box to find items to borrow. Do you have friends who recently got married or are getting married? Others having a wedding in the same venue around the same time? Family members who kept things? These are all potential sources. There’s also potential for sharing costs with the first two.

Double or Triple Duty
You do not have to follow tradition to the letter and have all components of the wedding separate. There are ways for items to serve more than one purpose, such as:

  • Use the bouquets as centerpieces.
  • Transfer ceremony chairs into the reception area (instead of having two sets).
  • Make the drinking or wine glasses escort cards by labeling each with a guest’s name.
  • Have edible centerpieces and use them as favors and/or dessert.

You can find more ideas on my “Double Duty Wedding” Pinterest board.

While, technically, eBay falls within Rule #4, it’s worth a special mention. They have a whole section devoted to weddings, where you can literally buy everything you need. There are deals to be had!

Allow Plenty of Time for Shopping and Delivery.
Timing can play a factor when bargain hunting as well. Sometimes you have to wait for sales or you do not find what you are looking for right away. If you are buying supplies to make something, there has to be enough time left to actually complete the project. And, when ordering online, shipping time is involved. If you cut it short on any of these you are likely to end up spending more than you would otherwise, so plan accordingly!

The Buying Rules

The aforementioned Buying Rules complete your limited budget wedding arsenal. A summary of the five rules is below. You can also find them in detail here.

Rule #1: Do it yourself ONLY where it makes sense.

Rule #2:Buy pre-owned or slightly irregular where you can.

Rule #3: “Recycle:” Sell, reuse, or donate your wedding products.

Rule #4: Shop a range of stores, including general merchandisers and discount websites.

Rule #5: Shop sales and use coupon codes whenever possible.