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Bridal Jewelry Sets Tips

wedding jewelry setWhich jewelry pieces you choose for your bridal jewelry ensemble is up to you. You may have a tiara, necklace, earrings, back jewelry, bracelet, and/or bridal hair jewelry. You should, however, keep the total effect in mind. Here are some tips for a balanced look:

* If your dress is relatively plain (with few or no embellishments and detailing), consider bulkier jewelry than you would wear with a beaded or more detailed gown.
* If your gown is more elaborate and you want it to be the center of attention, go with subtle jewelry so it doesn’t “steal the show” from your wedding gown.
* A necklace and tiara can compete with each other if both are flashy. So, consider keeping the necklace simple if you wear an ornate headpiece (and vice versa).

For more tips on creating the perfect wedding-day jewelry ensemble, see the jewelry sets page:

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